Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Workin' On the Weekend

Well we had a busy weekend around here. Of course Friday night started with the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, which were awesome by the way, and putting together my brand new changing table for the playroom!

I love it and now I don't have to bend over and break my back to change the little ones' diapers on the trunk that was doing double duty as our main changing table. We still need to paint it black, b/c they didn't have the black one in stock, but that's not a huge deal right now. Who would have ever though I would be so excited about a changing table, well my back and I love it!

Then on Saturday, we worked on a few projects around the house. We had a big mirror and some picture frames that needed to be hung in the playroom. The kids were very big helpers. They helped me clean the mirror and helped Daddy put the anchors in the wall.

After the mirror and pictures were hung, which look pretty darn good by the way, see for yourself...

We watched Daddy mow the yard and water all the flowers. Of course we were wearing our red, white and blue to support Team USA.

Then we decided to get in the spirit of things and have our own Olympics right in our own playroom. It's a new sport, three on one wrestling. Of course the three always win.

Then on Sunday, the kids were very angry that they no longer had a mirror to look at themselves in so after a quick jaunt to Wal-Mart, the kids can now kiss themselves all they want.

So it was a busy and festive weekend around here and we have a busy week ahead of us. Stay tuned for more fun and games.

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