Wednesday, September 10, 2008

28 Weeks

Well little Surprise and I are twenty-eight weeks today. I had my glucose screening this morning which sucked. I didn't have to do it when I was pregnant the first time and that nasty sugary stuff is just plain nasty. Bleh! I gained two pounds this past month and she was pleased with that. I told her the two fudgescicles and two moo bars a day must be helping! Week 28 started bed rest and a terb pump with the triplets and thankfully, there seems to be none of that in sight, hooray! Only ten more weeks! We are going to get his crib this weekend and probably a few more little things so it's all starting to come together, he'll be here before we know it. I would also like to officially announce, the spelling of his name has changed. Jake and I battled back and forth and in the end I think we came up with a good compromise. I'm a big fan of naming kids what you are going to call them. Jake is as well, since his real name is Robert Jacob, and he goes by Jake. So Jake wanted to officially name him "Charles", but call him "Charlie" spelled with and "i-e". I said if we are going to name him "Charles", we will call him "Charley" with an "e-y". I thought it was silly to call him something different and throw an "i" in there to boot, so we each gave a little, and he will now be officially called "Charlie Johnson Barron" on his birth certificate. Confusing enough for ya?!

Here's a 28 week belly pic!


Barbara Manatee said...

Glad all is going well! You look great. I'm 7 weeks behind you and my belly is MUCH bigger than yous (sadly, not all due to the baby...oh least I can 'blame it' on the baby..ha!)

We are having an awful time coming up with idea and we decided not to find out the gender can't even narrow down to a boy or girl name! Help!!

Annie said...

I'm glad that everything goes well with pregnant. Congratulations, its a boy. I like his name.