Thursday, September 25, 2008

30 Weeks

Little Charlie and I are now 30 weeks! Hooray, exactly eight weeks from right now, we will have already met his sweet little face. It's getting so close! We went to the doctor today and everything is going great. I didn't gain any weight over the last two weeks, but I didn't lose any so my Doc was OK with that. Other than that she says he is measuring right on track and sounds like a very active little boy. Most of the time, it looks like he is literally trying to punch and kick his way out of my belly. It grosses Jake out, he said it looks like an alien trying to break free, sadly, he is right. Week thirty landed me in the hospital with the triplets, and thankfully there is no indication of anything signifying pre-term labor so we are all happy down here! Here is a pic of me and Surprise at thirty weeks. I'll put one of me and the trips at thirty weeks in the hospital up for comparison too!

He's a growing little boy!

OK, it's hard to tell but I was substantially larger the first time around!

The kids are doing great. Jake finally made it home last night after they were already asleep, but they were very glad to see him this morning. So we did it, we survived three full days without Daddy with only a couple of meltdowns! Here is what they were up too while Jake was away!

When Daddy's away, the babies will play!

This was before school on Wednesday


Annie said...

Your belly is very small and cute. Great pictures.


Barbara Manatee said...

looking great! So glad all is going well and Jake is back home. Enjoy the weekend!

Collegegirl said...

Happy 30 weeks!!! I can not believe Charlie will be born soon! You look great and the trips are too cute!!!

Natalie from Tennessee said...

Hi, My name is Natalie and I got to your site from a friend of a friend of a know how blogs go. I am a mom of boy/girl twins that are 19 months old. I would love to pick your brain about a few things. You seem to have your life totally in line- especially having another one coming into to the picture. If you have time I would love to talk over email sometime. My address is If you have time- with trips, hello what is that, but if you don't care drop me a line and I can ask you a few questions about naps, playtime, structure of your day, etc. Thanks. Natalie

Ms. Sauls said...

You look great! If I saw you in person, I never would have thought were 30 weeks. How do you do it? Congrats on a good pregnancy!