Friday, September 12, 2008

Busy Week

Well we've had a busy week around here. Sunday, Jake had tickets to the Red Sox/Rangers game. They were suite tickets so we though that would be good for the kids. Well it would have been good, but the suite was totally in the sun and it was ninety-eight degrees. So we lasted outside for about ten minutes, just long enough to get pictures and then we spent the rest of our time inside in the A/C watching the Rangers and the Cowboys on TV.

Where are my sunglasses Mom? - Hudson

Oh my, I am sweating all over my pretty dress, where's the shade? - Ella

I'll ask again, why are we out in the heat again? - Carter

Ella and Carter enjoying the suite life

The whole crew

Tuesday, we had a Doctors appointment to get Ella's ear re-checked and get the kids their flu shots. Ouch! Ella's ear is great and then they all got their shots and cried for about two seconds and then were fine. We went to the play place at the mall since we were over in that direction. But, we had to leave early because of the mean little girl who's mother's Starbucks and conversation was way more interesting than actually parenting her child. After about the tenth pinch and hit, we headed home. After lunch, the kids took a good nap, but when they woke up, Hudson had gunk running out of his right ear. Call the doc, they are already closed, but I make an appointment for Wednesday after school. I got his ear all cleaned up and he seems to be feeling a little better.

Wednesday was a school day, so I got everything packed, kids dressed, everyone loaded and off to school we headed. I headed to my doctors appointment and waited forever and then headed home to wait on the refrigerator man. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention we still don't have a fridge. Well we will minus a fridge until next Wednesday. Thank goodness for the Kelvinator (Jake's adult beverage fridge) out in the garage. So what if I have to put shoes on to go get my fudgescicles and moo bars, a small price to pay I guess. I went to pick the kids up from school and they did great. They loved chapel, and they finger painted, ate a great lunch, and took a good nap. After school we headed back to the doctor and wouldn't you know, Huddy has the exact same thing that Ella had, just in the opposite ear. It would make my life a little easier if they would at least act a little under the weather. But nope, we act perfectly normal until our little ear drum pop a little hole. After the doctor, we went to Target to get Hud's prescription filled and we finally made it home for the day at about five pm. I threw together some dinner the kids gobbled it up and were exhausted so it was bath and bed time! Here's some pics of the kids on their way to school!

The whole gang

Such hams those boys are

Cheesy Ella

Thursday, we decided to check out the Chick-Fil-A play place. We had never been to a fast food play place so I was a little nervous how they would do. They did awesome. They were the only kids there, but they played and climbed and ran and it was quite a chore getting them to leave. We came home and took a good long nap, and then got ready to go watch Jake in the Freedom Run. It was one-hundred degrees, so needless to say, we were all a little sticky, but Jake ran well (aka - didn't collapse and die of a heart attack), and a good time was had by all. We bathed the kids as soon as we got home and they crashed, they were exhausted!

Jake and the kids before the big race

Big Daddy crossing the finish line at a blistering pace

Hooray it's over! We're in the A/C! - Huddy and Ella

Don't worry dad, I brought you plenty of fluids to rehydrate yourself - Carter

Today, I took the kids to buy new fall tennis shoes. Even though it's still way hot here. Their other shoes are getting a little tight, and way stinky. I wash them about once a week, but we have some serious stinky feet issues. Tomorrow, we are hunkering down, bracing for Ike. It is not supposed to be terrible, but sixty-five mile an hour wind and rain is something we don't see alot of around here. Good thing there is football on all day! Hooray! Hope everyone has a good weekend! Boomer Sonner!


Collegegirl said...

LOVE the new pictures!!! Carter, Ella, and Hudson are so cute!! The captions are also HILARIOUS!!!

Hopefully it will not rain all weekend/week! Hang in there and try to enjoy the weekend!!!

Jessica said...

Boston Red Sox! That is my home team, although I am sure you were routing for Texas....Baseball is big in the Boston area.
Hope you have a good weekend!

Barbara Manatee said...

wow! busy week! Hope the winds aren't too bad with Ike. Hang in there!

Momma-of-5 said...

Freedom run? What's that? My 10k is tomorrow...I'm nervous.

Hilary said...

Great pictures!! Poor Hudson and his ear!! hope everyone gets better and stays that way..keep enjoying your moo bars and fudgesicles!! :)