Monday, September 22, 2008

It's like we're normal......almost!

So Friday, I was feeling brave and wanted to get out of the house. I decided we would go to Chick-Fil-A for some playtime and lunch. I made the decision, that the kids could walk instead of using the stroller. It's big and hard to maneuver and getting heavy for me and Charlie. So I put on their harnesses and we walked in. No one fell, or tried to sprint away, we all just held hands and walked right in. We played for about forty five minutes and then it was time for lunch. I was going to get it to go but decided we would try to eat it there. Now we've eaten there before, but always in the stroller, and the kids always share a meal. So we all stood in line, ordered our food and walked politely to our table where I put them in highchairs. They then proceeded to each eat their own kids meal, out of the bag, along with drinking a little Chick-Fil-A cup of lemonade. Not one spill, not one throw nugget, just a quiet, dare I say it, enjoyable lunch. There was even some conversation between the four of us, albeit I didn't understand 90% of it, the kids seem to have a good chat. After we finished, we all carried our own drinks, and we walked out to the car and loaded up and headed home. It was AWESOME! Of course I called Jake and my mom as soon as we got in the car, I was pumped. It was just so fun to have a normal little lunch with my kids, all by myself, without the giant stroller blocking the aisle for the other patrons. We will definitely be doing it again soon!

With our new found independence, I decided today would be the day that we would try Toddler Time at our local library. It's a story/singing/learning time that I thought would be fun for the kids. They absolutely LOVE to read so I figured it would be perfect. Welp, apparently, we aren't ready to sit on little tiny mats for forty five minutes. We did great for the first fifteen minutes, but then we quickly realized we had been sitting still for way to long. They all wanted to climb on my lap and stand on my legs. This would have been fine, if not for just one little problem. I only have two legs, two arms, and a rapidly growing belly. So we tried sitting in the chairs along the back wall and that lasted for about, oh maybe two minutes, and then I decided it was time to go. There were no screams or loud noises, but I was wearing out quickly, so we headed to the van. We will definitely go back, just not any time soon.

Jake is out of town for a few days this week, (don't worry Mom/Dad/Nanna/Poppa, we're doing fine) and so far it's going really well. The kids are doing great and are down for a nap. I've got all our meals and days planned out to keep us plenty busy, and Daddy will be back before we know it.

Here's some pics from this weekend:

We went to the "Plano Balloon Festival" on Saturday morning and it was pretty fun. It was super hot and we missed the balloon launch, so we only got to see one balloon, but the kids liked it and I'm glad we went.

Watching Daddy water the flowers on Sunday night


Collegegirl said...

Glad you all are almost normal :) The kids are so precious! Hang in there and keep them busy!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

Congrats on the successful venture out! We've visited the library before but never stayed for story time. Since I work, they are usually during the day and we can't make it ;-( Maybe some day...

Hilary said...

I am glad that you had a successful trip by yourself..way to go guys!! It does get better with time :) have a great rest of your week

Jen said...

As always, your kids are so cute! I love seeing the pics of them looking out the window!
I just found out that a friend of mine got engaged in one of those balloons this weekend!

Momma-of-5 said...

Good for you. Being brave. I can't imagine even ATTEMPTING the library.

Keep it up, they'll get better with practice.