Thursday, October 9, 2008

32 Weeks

Well I am officially more pregnant than I was with the triplets. Well I guess more pregnant isn't the right choice of words, because I was really pregnant with them. I guess I should say this is now the longest I have been pregnant. And so far, way easier than the first time around, still hard, but easier than the first time! My doctor's appointment went well yesterday. I still haven't gained any weight but she says Charlie is growing just fine. So he's growing and I'm shrinking, same as last time. Still feeling well and everything seems to be going just as it should be. I was thinking last night about how different this time around is than the first and I compiled a little mental list:

Triplets: They were now about ten hours old
Charlie: No indication of him making an appearance anytime soon

Triplets: Carrying about 13 pounds of baby plus all their stuff
Charlie: Carrying about 4 pounds of baby plus his stuff

Triplets: Had been laying horizontal for almost 900 hours on bedrest
Charlie: Can't wait to fall into bed at night for my precious 8 hours!

Triplets: About a million sonograms
Charlie: TWO!! Seriously, how do they know everything is OK?

Triplets: Stopped feeling them really flop around way early
Charlie: He literally looks as though he could bust out of my belly-button at all times

Triplets: A trip to the bathrooom or rolling over, was like running a marathon
Charlie: Just go, go, go all the time and don't really notice a difference

Triplets: My limbs looked like they belonged to a poor starving African child
Charlie: Still stick like, but not unhealthy looking

Triplets: Just go with the flow knowing everyday could be the day
Charlie: November 20, 2008 @ 7:30am. We've known for months now

So there are a few differences I have discovered so far! It is so different, but I am enjoying it knowing that this will be the last pregnancy for me! Here's a pic of me and little Charlie's baby bump at 32 weeks. He is obviously getting bigger, I'm just not.

The kids are doing great. They have impressed me beyond belief with the transition to their big kid beds. We have not had one problem with them trying to escape or misbehaving. Hopefully it will continue to go well!


Shelley said...

You look great for 32 weeks. I know I didn't look like that with 1 & sure didn't with the triplets. Charlie is going to be born on my husband's (Randall Barron) birthday!!

Stefanie said...

I read your blog from time to time and I love it, I found it on Hollie's page. I am so glad that your little ones did well adjusting to there beds. That was always an obstacle at our house. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Hopefully the triplets will adjust well when the new little arrives.

Joy said...

You are so adorable! Those comparisons are hilarious! The difference is amazing. I'm glad to hear the transition to big kid beds is going so well. Just a few short weeks and Charlie will be!

Jen said...

You look great!

We tired the Nuby Straws. They don't work for us :-(
They get too upset with them. I can even suck the water out of them!

Following Him said...

You look great! Happy 32 weeks!!! It is now only weeks until Charlie is here!!

Jenny said...

you look GREAT! btw did Kathy Yager--yager quads ever get back to you about the Foundation quad stroller?? i just hung out with her today and she's selling it since her boys are 4 and too tall. It's in good shape. email me if you're still interested and i'll pass it on to her and get her to respond back.

jennyhasquads (at)


Mommy of Multiples said...

I love how you compared your pregnancy now with a singleton to the pregnancy with your triplets. I got some laughs from it. I myself have quadruplets. They are three now and we also have a four year old. I found you through a friend of a friends blog. Your triplets are adorable and I'll be praying for you in the coming days, months and more as you transition to a family of triplets plus one. :)

Barbara Manatee said...

So glad all continues to go well with Charlie. Loved your comparisons! Also glad to hear the toddler beds are still working well!

Jeannie said...

you make me want to have another baby!!! :)