Thursday, October 23, 2008

34 Weeks

Little Surprise and I are at 34 weeks! It's getting soooo close. Or at least I thought it was. My doctor told me that the hospital is making us re-schedule my C-Section since it is scheduled four measly days before I am thirty nine weeks. We did that because thirty nine weeks is Thanksgiving week, and no one wants to be in the hospital during a holiday, especially me since I already did that with the triplets, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But she tried to plead my case with no avail so we are now scheduled on Wednesday the 26th, the day before Thanksgiving, which will be thiry nine weeks and two days. Hooray for hospital turkey! At least my family will be here this time. So other the than re-scheduling, everything went well. I'm measuring right on target and I even gained a pound over the past two weeks. Here is me and Charlie at 34 weeks!

The kids are doing well, despite the fact they all have full blown double ear infections! You would never know. I always give a runny nose three days before calling the doctor. The weather is changing so we just assumed that was it. They ate great, slept well and acted perfectly normal. Welp, apparently they are just tough and don't care that their ears are terribly infected. The doc dug out, and I kid you not, gunk the size of a tennis ball out of Huddy's right ear. We caught Carter and Ella's before they ruptured, thank goodness. Here's a pic of the kids before we left for school yesterday. It isn't a great pic but I thought it was too funny not to post!


Cherie said...

You look gorgeous.

I cannot wait to hear all about the arrival of little Mr. Charlie.

Following Him said...

You look great. As for the picture of the kiddos, HILARIOUS!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

Bummer about the reschedule and being there during the holiday. :-( At least it should be a nice, short stay and you'll surely be home for Christmas!

Looking great still... are those your regular jeans?

Cracking up at Ella's photo too...what a silly girl! And the boys' expressions towards her! hahaha!

Susan said...

I have never left a comment before but have read some of your blog. Your triplets are beautiful and you look GREAT!!! I simply cannot fathom having 4 children as close as you have and you are lovin it!! Take care.


The Power Family said...

Great to read about your triplets! We live close to Ft. Worth and have 15 month-old triplets! Would love to be able to email you!