Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well the Sooners were a big fat let down on Saturday, but we didn't let it ruin our whole weekend. It was quickly followed up by a Mizzou Tiger loss so all was not lost. On Sunday, we had brunch for one of our friend's birthday. They live by IKEA so we made a quick stop to get a little storage bench for the trips. We forgot about it being OU/TX weekend (they don't have IKEA in Oklahoma) and the place was jam packed. But the kids were perfect, even though it was nap time and they had eaten at a weird time. We ran into some of Jake's friends from college who had come down for the game and also got to see his best friend and his wife so that was fun.
Here's some pics of the kids from Saturday, trying to cheer on the Sooners.

Hud man all decked out in his Sooner gear!

Ella wondering what the heck those Sooners are doing

Daddy consoling Ella after the loss

Carter man didn't seem to care what was going on!

The trio was pretty upset after the big loss, but after some Mini-Vanilla Wafers, we convinced them that their is always next year.

Last week, our started cleaning out our storage/sun room. It is the first thing you see when you come in from the back door and it was driving me nuts! So I did a little bit everyday and it's done! We still need to paint it all, but we will get to that and it is already a huge improvement. It will be perfect for getting out of the house when we it gets to cool to actually go outside. Although it is still 85 degrees everyday, I have decided fall is never going to come. Me and the kids are quickly running out of clothes! Anyway here is my new little room!

Sun room Before:

Sun room After:

We moved the piano out and we now actually have a table in our breakfast nook. Crazy I know! We can all sit down and eat together now which is fun. I put the kids little table out there for coloring and reading and then the little bench we bought on Sunday right by the door so we can store their shoes and not have to sit on the floor to put their shoes on. Hopefully we will get alot of use out of it in the coming months!


Annie said...

Wow, that room looks so different.I like it. Good job.

The Golf Widow said...

What a change! Great Idea.With the window treatments it seems like a different room!

I love IKEA,too! I can't wait until ours opens in town.

Momma-of-5 said...

AWESOME JOB! The room looks great. And I love the sooner pix! So cute!

Jeannie said...

i love how motivated you are to get things done! looks great!