Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tiny Horned Frogs!

Well for those of you who know us, know we are HUGE college football fans. Well last Thursday, we got the chance to go to the TCU vs. BYU football game. BYU was ranked #8in the country so it was a big game. And we (Sooners) played TCU and beat them so if they could beat BYU (which they did) it would help our ranking. But anyway, so we got the kids dressed up in their purple and white and headed out to the big game. It took forever to get there because of traffic and even longer to find a parking place, but we finally made it inside. We found some seat up top and away from the huge crowd so we wouldn't disturb anyone and settled in for the game. The kids did AWESOME. It was so loud and there was so much going on that we though they might they might get overwhelmed, but they loved every minute of it! Carter loved the cheerleaders, too funny. Huddy was more interested in eating, but still loved all the sights. And Ella watched the game and cheered with her pom-pon! We made it through the first half and then decided to call it a night. Overall, we had a great time and I think the kids really like it! I didn't get very many pictures, my hand were a little full, but here are the two that I got.

The whole crew decked out in our white and purple!

Me and Miss Ell

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