Friday, November 28, 2008


Our brand new addition. Mr. Charlie Johnson Barron

Weight: 7lb. 8oz.
Length: 18 in.

Well Charlie has arrived and everything went absolutely perfectly! We are actually already home and at the moment, all four kids are sound asleep for a little nap. We got to the hospital at about 5:30am. They took us back to our room and got us all set up. After millions of question and info about what they were going to do, they came and took us to the operating room. It was so laid back it was unreal. There were about six or seven people in the room and two of them just asked if they could hang out because they had nothing else to do. They even let Jake come in while they were doing the Spinal Block which helped because I was dreading that part horribly. There was music on and everyone was just so laid back and relaxed. My doctor even asked if I wanted her to take out my old scar and make it straight and pretty. Sure, why the heck not. My one from last time was a bit lopsided and scraggly looking, because of the way the kids were laying and how quick everything had to be done. And then after they got him out, they held him up and we got to take pictures of him! I thought he looked so tiny but they all said he was a pretty good size. They took him over to get him all cleaned up and Jake got to go see him and take pictures. They were getting me all fixed up and then they just brought him over and gave him to Jake. He was with us the whole rest of the day. It was so cool! They gave him to me after they moved me to the transport bed, and I got hold him. I actually got to hold one of my kids right after they were born! It was awesome! The rest of the day, however, did not go so well. I was fine until about 1:00pm, and then I had a reaction to some of the medicine they gave me. I was talking and acting like a total loon. I knew I was totally confused and out of it, but I still couldn't keep anything straight. I was like a total crazy person. After some tears of confusion and a good night's sleep, I was back to my normal self yesterday. We are actually already home and it feels good to be here. The kids seem to be doing OK with Charlie. They are still a little out of whack from me being gone and they haven't really paid any attention to him yet. We'll see how it goes over the next couple days as we settly back into our routine, or our new routine I guess. OK, so here is what you guys really came for. Here are some new pics of our newest little one. I must say, he is pretty darn cute, and we have decided to keep him.

Just before delivery

My first time seeing him

My first time holding Mr. Charlie

Our newly expanded family

The big man takin' a rest

Our "Little Turkey" on Thanksgiving Day

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Well it is currently 4:00 am and I am sitting in my kitchen unable to sleep. I don't know if it nerves or excitement or what! Tomorrow is Charlie day and I'm so excited. We had a super busy weekend trying to finish up last minute stuff as well as watching the Sooners destroy the Red Raiders! Boomer! Saturday, Jake did all the yard work and got everything in shape that had been a little neglected the last couple months. I caught up on the laundry and ironing and played with the kids. Sunday was a cooking marathon. I cooked five huge casseroles to put in the freezer for everyone to eat while I'm in the hospital and for when I first come home. Yesterday, I went and got a mani and pedi and it was as Borat would say "Very, Very Nice"!. They used hot stones which left my legs feeling so freakin' awesome. After my little beauty day, the kids and I came home and they took a nap while I caught up on my soaps. No tellin' when I'll get to watch any more of those! Maybe those midnight feedings! Today, the cleaning lady is coming and I'm finishing up some last minute stuff. The dogs have to be at the groomer at 9:30, I need to go pick up some batteries for all of Charlie's stuff, get my oil changed in the van and then my pre-op appointment is at 2:00. Family should start arriving by five. My brother (Arin), his girlfriend (Savannah), my mom, dad, Nanna, Poppa and Jake's parents will all be here. My mom, dad, Arin and Savannah are going to stay here with the kids in the morning and then bring them up to the hospital a little later once we get settled in. I really want to keep their routine as normal as possible. It is already going to be so weird for them. No one else has ever taken care of them but me. Not that I don't have full confidence in my family, it will just be weird being away from them for four days! Maybe a nice little break, but still weird. Well, I'm off to see if I can go back to sleep. Wish us luck tomorrow and we will get some info posted as quick as we can!

Here's some pics from this weekend. Our last weekend as a family of five!

Eating some goldfish watching "College Gameday" with daddy

Carter apparantly woke up a little early and is still a little sleepy

Big E on the other hand is primed and ready to go

Huddy also missed the memo about sleeping and decided to catch up

Huddy trying to escape from baby jail

Carter man says "Let Me Out"!

Big E trying to make a break for it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Pajama Kind of Day

Yesterday, the kids and I spent the entire day in our PJ's. We don't regularly do this. Yes, I'm always in something that might resemble PJ's, I always change my clothes. But not yesterday, we were lazy and lounged all day. I caught up on all the ironing in Charlie's part of the playroom while the kids played and watched movies. We also did alot of dancing. We didn't leave the house one time. It was chilly outside and we just decided it wasn't worth the effort yesterday. Even though we didn't do anything, I was pretty sure I was going to have this baby last night. But Jake took care of baths for the night, and I went to bed and am feeling much better today! It is pretty chilly here this morning so we won't be up to much this afternoon. I have a list a mile long of things to do before next week. Most of them are phone calls and making lists. Lists of what the kids need to wear, what they are going to be eating, stuff like that. So it is going to be a pretty low key weekend for us. The Sooners have a huge game on Saturday, and I already told Charlie that if he decided to come on Saturday, he is going to have to wait until after the game, we have priorities around here! Hope everyone has a good day and a good weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

38 Weeks

T-minus one week and counting. Surprise and I had our last check up today, and it went swimmingly. She said everything looks great and was shocked by how much he is still moving. She told me that usually they have slowed down at this point, but she could barely get his heartbeat he was actin' so crazy in there. I didn't gain any weight, so I'm not exactly sure where that whole box of "Famous Amos Cookies" is being stored. That and the couple bowls of my dear friend "Egg Nog Ice-cream"! She said he has grown since last week though, so I don't know what else I can do. I think it is safe to say we are ready. Charlie's bag is packed, I have all my stuff, just have to put it in a bag. We have to be at the hospital at 5:30am next Wednesday and then he should be here shortly after 7:30am! Hooray!! I'm so excited! I don't think the kids know exactly what is about to happen, but I think they have an idea. We got Ella a baby doll as one of her birthday gifts, and after a few hours of wanting nothing to do with it, they now all fight over who gets to hold it. They dress it and help me change it's diaper and they have even learned how to swaddle. Now if only I can train them to take care of Charlie like that! HaHa! I'm sure they will be more help than I need, or want! They are finally back to sleeping well. They have been sleeping from about 8:00pm until about 6:30am. They are hilarious in the mornings. Huddy is always the first one up and you can hear him crawl into bed with Ella, and then they both go wake Carter up. They spend about fifteen minutes playing with their books and then they are ready for us to come get them and they start to hollar. It is so funny to listen to them play and talk to eachother in the mornings when no one is around, too cute! Well it is time to go pick them up from "Cool" (school), so here it is folks. The last ever Lindsay Barron belly shot! Trust me, this is definitely it! Just one more week 'til we meet Charlie!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Early Birthday Celebration!

So Jake and I made the decision to celebrate the kids' 2nd birthday a little early. We wanted them to have a fun day and since they turn two about two weeks after we bring home Charlie, we weren't sure how that would work out. So Friday night, we put their big gift together. It's a good thing we decided to this this whole thing early. The first one took forever to put together, and you HAVE to have two people to do it. The second and third one went alot quicker, but then we had to totally rearrange the playroom b/c they were so big, and that is not something I think I would be up for shortly after having a baby! But anyways, the kids absolutely love their present and I'm so glad this is what we picked. Your in for a treat too! We got a new video camera and I am doing my first ever video on the blog. Hopefully, everyone can see it. It is a little bit long, but I know our families will want to see it all. Excuse our appearances, it was six in the morning and we had all just rolled out of bed. One thing that cracks me up is how they go to exactly the one with their color bow on it. Do you think these kids are trained or what! So without further ado, here we are making our video blog debut on the kids' early second birthday celebration! Stay tuned this week, we have way more video and pics from the rest of our fun day. You won't want to miss it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cranky Blogger Block

I'm such a blog slacker. The kids still aren't sleeping well, I'm not sleeping well, and overall, the level of crankiness in this house is at a peak. Poor Jake! Surprise and I went to the doctor for our thirty-seven week check up and all is well. I gained a pound and everything is measuring right on track. So just twelve days to go! Hooray! She did give me something to help me sleep yesterday, which I was totally excited about, until I woke up this morning with what can only be described as the world's worst sober hangover. I didn't really sleep that great and now I have the worst headache ever! Oh well, I will try it one more time and hope for the best! The kids are doing well, it rained all day Monday and Tuesday so we all a little bit of cabin fever and they were very glad to get out yesterday. We went to the park after school and they played great. We will definitely be heading back today!

Here's a pic of the kids in their new fall PJ's. It's finally cool enough to wear them at night!

Monday, November 10, 2008

They do exist!

Good days I mean. Friday was one of those days. The kids slept great on Thursday night, and I was determined to have a good day. After a good snack, we headed off to get the boys' hair cut. They were starting to look a little shabby. After a little trim, we decided it was time for lunch. We stopped for some Chicken Nugget happy meals and decided to take them to the park for a little picnic. It was gorgeous outside! The kids did great. We all sat on our little blanket and ate and then it was time to play. These kids LOVE the park. Luckily we have a nice one right across the street from our house. They played forever. Then it was time for a nap. After a decent nap and a good snack, we headed back to the park. We played our little hineys off! Although there were a few meltdowns, overall, it was the best day we have had in weeks! Here's some pics of the kids from our fun day of Friday.

Huddy enjoying the freedom

Miss Ell - How cute is that little striped butt?

Carter man doing some exploring




Hudson hammin' it up

Miss Ell posin' so pretty

Carter being too cool

Thursday, November 6, 2008

36 Weeks

Welp, we are officially in countdown mode. Just about two and a half weeks left until Charlie arrives. I had a doctors appointment yesterday, I am going every week now, and it went great. I gained a pound over the last two weeks and little Surprise is measuring right on track. She said everything looks great! Here is me and Charlie at 36 weeks. And yes I'm wearing the same shirt as last time. It is still in the eighty's everyday and I am rapidly running out of clothes. I'm ready for a little bit cooler weather around here!!

The kids finally slept great last night. They made it 'til 6:30am!!! Hooray!!! It is amazing the difference in their attitude with that extra hour and a half of sleep. They are pleasantly eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we have not had one fight yet! It's gonna be a good day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daylight Savings Time...Oh How I Hate You!

I'm seriously contemplating moving to Arizona! So we are finally sleeping through the night again, and Daylight Savings Time rolls around and we are up and ready to roll at 5:00am!!! While I do appreciate a full nights sleep, seriously, 5:00 in the morning! It wouldn't be terrible, if we were able to function the rest of the day, but we aren't. They are totally exhausted all day but won't take a nap and then we will just randomly melt down through out the day for no apparent reason. Last night, we barely made it 'til 7:00pm and they were falling apart and we had to put them down. So after a bath and PJ's I thought for sure they could make it until six this morning. But nope, I hear their door open and a little yell from the Hudster at 5:07am. So we have already been up for six hours and it has not gone great. Ella now has a giant chunk of face missing from a bite the Hud-man gave her right below her left eye. Oh how they love those "Little People". Carter cried and sat on my lap for an hour straight, but hopefully after a nap, they will be in better spirits. We just have to make it an hour and a half longer, then surely they will take a good nap! Hopefully!

It's a good thing these kids are cute! We've contemplated returning them several times over the past week! (No one call CPS on me, of course we would mail them to their grandparents before we tried returning them!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

A "Super" Halloween!

Well we had a great Halloween. Jake and I decided on Thursday night what the kids should be and after a quick run to Wal-Mart, $25.00, and a couple of hours later, we had our costumes. I think they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! The kids did great. We only went to a few of our neighbors' houses, but after the first house they had the hang of it and would hold their little goody bags out for candy. We didn't stay out long, the kids were tired and it was so hot. But I think they had a good time! They also got their very first taste of candy. They each got a "Three Musketeer", and they loved them! So without further ado, I give you the "Super-Trips"!


Let's see if these people have good candy!

Sometimes a "Super-Girl" still needs a little help from Momma

And from Daddy


Super-boy looking for some more candy

Me and my Super-Boys

Our three little Super Kids!

The Whole Super Gang!

Hope everyone had a "Super" Halloween with your super kids too!