Thursday, November 6, 2008

36 Weeks

Welp, we are officially in countdown mode. Just about two and a half weeks left until Charlie arrives. I had a doctors appointment yesterday, I am going every week now, and it went great. I gained a pound over the last two weeks and little Surprise is measuring right on track. She said everything looks great! Here is me and Charlie at 36 weeks. And yes I'm wearing the same shirt as last time. It is still in the eighty's everyday and I am rapidly running out of clothes. I'm ready for a little bit cooler weather around here!!

The kids finally slept great last night. They made it 'til 6:30am!!! Hooray!!! It is amazing the difference in their attitude with that extra hour and a half of sleep. They are pleasantly eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we have not had one fight yet! It's gonna be a good day!


Hollee said...

YEAH for sleep. Our trio is doing better...just in time to switch it up again with the move.

Following Him said...

YAY for sleep! Glad they are in better moods!!!

Annie said...

Yeah, for a good sleep.Wow, 36 weeks.


Barbara Manatee said...

So glad everyone got some rest there! You surely need it! Still looking great...can you believe Charlie's birth is so close? People keep pointing out to me that our day is coming soon too, but we have 2 months to go...which I know will fly by.

Good luck with the last minute preparations while you wait for his arrival!!

Hilary said...

It's getting closer..hopefully the great sleep will keep going!!! Can't wait to see baby Charlie :) Have a restful week