Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cranky Blogger Block

I'm such a blog slacker. The kids still aren't sleeping well, I'm not sleeping well, and overall, the level of crankiness in this house is at a peak. Poor Jake! Surprise and I went to the doctor for our thirty-seven week check up and all is well. I gained a pound and everything is measuring right on track. So just twelve days to go! Hooray! She did give me something to help me sleep yesterday, which I was totally excited about, until I woke up this morning with what can only be described as the world's worst sober hangover. I didn't really sleep that great and now I have the worst headache ever! Oh well, I will try it one more time and hope for the best! The kids are doing well, it rained all day Monday and Tuesday so we all a little bit of cabin fever and they were very glad to get out yesterday. We went to the park after school and they played great. We will definitely be heading back today!

Here's a pic of the kids in their new fall PJ's. It's finally cool enough to wear them at night!


Robin Lynn said...

Not sure how I happened upon your blog but I love it and I am in awe of you!! Your kids are adorable. I had to comment and see where you got the cute pjs for the boys. Are they cowboy print?? If so I have to get them for my little boy, Cade.

Anonymous said...

Try halfing the pill. I did that when I was pregnant. A whole was too much. Half was perfect

Robin Lynn said...

Thanks a bunch for the information!!!!
I am searching for them now!! Ya'll have a great day and rest up!!!! That sweet baby is going to be her soon!!!!
Best wishes!!