Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daylight Savings Time...Oh How I Hate You!

I'm seriously contemplating moving to Arizona! So we are finally sleeping through the night again, and Daylight Savings Time rolls around and we are up and ready to roll at 5:00am!!! While I do appreciate a full nights sleep, seriously, 5:00 in the morning! It wouldn't be terrible, if we were able to function the rest of the day, but we aren't. They are totally exhausted all day but won't take a nap and then we will just randomly melt down through out the day for no apparent reason. Last night, we barely made it 'til 7:00pm and they were falling apart and we had to put them down. So after a bath and PJ's I thought for sure they could make it until six this morning. But nope, I hear their door open and a little yell from the Hudster at 5:07am. So we have already been up for six hours and it has not gone great. Ella now has a giant chunk of face missing from a bite the Hud-man gave her right below her left eye. Oh how they love those "Little People". Carter cried and sat on my lap for an hour straight, but hopefully after a nap, they will be in better spirits. We just have to make it an hour and a half longer, then surely they will take a good nap! Hopefully!

It's a good thing these kids are cute! We've contemplated returning them several times over the past week! (No one call CPS on me, of course we would mail them to their grandparents before we tried returning them!)


Joy said...

Amen!!! I agree wholeheartedly and would give anything for a little extra sleep! :) Hey - when you get a chance...shoot me your email address (if you don't mind). I have a quick question for you! My email is: jklarkin8@gmail.com

Jenny said...

yes. we are right there with you. why don't they understand that sleep is good...hoping the rest of the weeks gets better...i think it's getting better around here. i hope!

Susan said...

I'm in a total different phase of raising kids so I get my sleep now :) I wish more sleep for you especially with the new little bundle coming right around the corner. I do remember those days...I guess my only encouragement is that it won't last and I know, that isn't really helping. But you are right, they are super cute.