Friday, December 19, 2008

Bundle Up!

So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were cold enough that we were in need of hats and jackets. Luckily I had purchased some, mainly for our trips up to OK. The kids have never worn winter hats, so I thought we should practice On Tuesday night so we wouldn't have any meltdowns Wednesday morning on out way to school. I was taking all four kids by myself and didn't need any extra problems. Well needless to say, these kids now wish we lived in a colder state. They absolutely loved their hats and mittens. They ran around for about an hour after dinner and were so mad when they Had to take them off for baths. As soon as they woke up Wednesday morning, they started asking for their hats. Too bad it is going to b almost eighty for the next few days!

Here's some pics of the kids sporting their new hats and mittens for the first time!

And the kids on their way to school with their new jackets and hats

And just because he's cute, Charlie man takin' a little nap


Barbara Manatee said...

Cute! The novelty...mine hate to have to wear their mittens but are usually ok with hats, boots and coats. They NEED them here today...almost a foot of snow has fallen today!

Beth said...

Love the new layout! :) The family picture is just beautiful!!! Hope your family has a wonderful holiday season!!!

Following Him said...

ADORABLE...just adorable. Glad they like to stay warm and cozy in the 30 degree weather. Just wait for it to come back on Sunday...great news I know (sarcasm)!

Erin said...

We live in the cold midwest! My toddlers are already very tired of having to bundle up every time we go out. Your kids look darling bundled up!

Michelle said...

awww what cute littles.. LOVE the picture of Charlie at the bottom!!
We don't have weather cold enough to warrant hats and mittens. But they really look cute!

Ps.. I have been following your blog for quite some time... you ahve the most adorable kids!

Leslie said...

You are traveling 4 on 1. You are one tough cookie. I am so impressed. I know how tough it is with different ages and I have one toddler less than you. You deserve a medal and a vacation.

Following Him said...

Got your comment...girl, I am amazed at what all you do. You kiddos are beautiful and I hope you guys are not in full-mode cabin fever yet. I know you are not a cold loving person, so hang in there!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!