Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!

First of all, let me apologize for my serious lack of posting. We have been having major internet issues that are finally resolved!

I can't believe that these kids are TWO!! Even though there are some super slow days, time goes by so dang fast! We aren't doing anything for their birthday today, we did all that a couple weeks ago, before Charlie, when they got their gifts and we spent the day at the zoo. Anyone who knows these kids, knows how different they are so I thought I would share some of their favorite things with you!

"Hudson Robert"
The first born, does not act like the oldest in any way. Also answers to Huddy, Hud-Man, Hudster, or Hud. Loves any kind of ball and has an arm like a rocket! Loves to torment his brother and sister, whether it be with food or a toy. Loves cookies, quesidillas, bean burritos, and pizza! Loves school and fruit snacks which we affectionately call "Nute Naks!" Is a thumb-sucker, but only his left thumb, and only when we he is tired. Loves to cuddle especially when he is sleepy.

"Ella Jewel"
The second born, is the most dominant of the three. Will answer to Ell, Big E, Ellster, or Miss Ell. Is a book worm. Loves any and all books. Tells her brothers what to do at all times, and the seem to understand every word she says. Will eat anything and everything you put in front of her. Is very organized, even when eating. She eats one thing at a time, and takes one bite from each side of her sandwich in order to keep them even. She is my child! Loves to sleep, anytime for as long as you will let her.

"Carter Jacob"
The third born, and definitely the biggest loner of the group. Also known as Carter-Man, Tarter, Tarty, or Sweet Tart. Favorite book is the "Belly-Button Book" which is known as "Bee-Bo". Has the biggest appetite but only when he wants to eat. Will go on three or four day hunger strikes and then miraculously will eat enough for two grown men. Loves to hoard all his "Little People" and align everything on the window-sill, and totally melts down if anyone moves anything out of place.

They are so different, but work so well together, most of the time. Of course they still have fights like every brother and sister. They love each other and have a hard time functioning when one of them is gone. It is so much fun to watch them interact and know that they totally get each other in a way that even I will never be able to understand. Happy Birthday to my "Big Kids"! I love you very much!

The big two year olds eating breakfast this morning while watching a little "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"

Charlie is doing great. He is becoming much more alert and stays awake for an hour to an hour and a half after each feeding. He is sleeping in five to six hour stretches at a night which is totally unexpected and awesome. The doctor says he is doing great and we go in tomorrow for his two week check-up along with the triplets two year check-up. It should be CRAZY!!! Here's a pic of the big man! He is too cute if I do say so myself!


Hilary said...

Happy birthday Hudson, Ella, and Carter! In my opinion, Charlie looks a lot like Hudson (looks like he has a lot of the same facial features). Does he look a lot like Hudson's newborn pictures?

rachael said...

happy birthday hudson, ella & carter!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! I think that baby Charlie is beautiful and I think he resembles Ella and his dad.

Annie said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Ella, Hudson and Carter. God bless you, beautiful kids.

Barbara Manatee said...

Happy Birthday Ella, Carter and Hudson! Isn't it fun to see how unique they each are - yet so close? Charlie is a handsome little guy! So glad all is going well!!

Following Him said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hudson, Carter, and Ella!!! So impressed that Charlie is doing so well :)

Hilary said...

happy birthday you 3!!! Little brother is precious Mommy..they all are :)

Anonymous said...

ok I have a friend who has triplets and that is how I randomly found your blog - anyway, just wanted to tell you I have a 7 month old baby named Hudson Robert and I have the same sofa as you do! Too funny... Your children are adorable!