Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two year / Two week check-up

The kids had their two year check up at the doctor on Tuesday. Needless to say, it was not our best appointment. They freaked, totally! They wouldn't let the nurses weigh them or check how tall they were. Then one of our nurses tried to give Carter a pen to distract him and he threw it and it smoked Charlie right in the head! So all in all not our greatest showing. Even with the screwed up heights and weights, the boys are in the 50th percentile and Ella is in the 75th. So the doc was really pleased with that. The only check mark we didn't get, was having fifty words or more. We have a ton of words, just not all ones that you can understand! But overall, doc was really pleased.

Charlie also had his two week check up at the same time. He is doing great. He is back to his birth weight and gaining about an ounce a day, which is right where he is supposed to be. He, unlike his brothers and sister, laid pleasantly on the scale and laid very still so they could measure his height.

Here's some pics of the kids from this week! Hope everyone is having a good week!
Mr. Bright Eyes this morning

Charlie looking handsome in his new sweater

The jumpin' crazies before school yesterday


Gibson Twins said...

Those are awesome pictures! Our girl twin is the dominant verbal one with endless words and although boy twin gets his point across either via mommy or twin sister, he does not use even 25 understandable words, let alone 50. MAYBE 15. On a good day. Don't sweat that one though.

Jessica said...

Your new little Charlie so just so STINKEN cute! Great pics of him.

Following Him said...

Can not believe that they are two. I agree with Jessica, Charlie is so stinkin cute :)

Annie said...

My twin girls are two years old and they don't say 50 words. They do say several words but some are not very understandable.

Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I heard that you all had stopped by the NICU the other day...a little mini-reunion. Decided to google the Barron triplets and ta-da. Sorry I missed you and the kids!

Look at those big kids! So cute! :)
And congratulations on the newest addition...

-Courtney (one of their ol' NICU nurses)

Alicia said...

Wow! Charlie is so cute. He looks just like his older siblings.