Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It Works!

Well I'm glad to say we finally got the stroller done. The ones I had originally purchased, did not work because the release bar was on the handle and it couldn't be bolted together. So we went to Babies-R-Us and found some new ones on Saturday. Graco has a new one out, and they were only fifty bucks with a coupon and our multiples discount. It is an umbrella stroller but the weight limit is fifty pounds. Most umbrella strollers are only thirty to thirty five pounds. The frame on this one is also steel so Jake was able to weld it together. It also has a five point harness and reclines almost completely flat so on the rare occasion one of the little monsters falls asleep, they will have a comfy place to lay. I'm proud to say it works wonderful. The kids are very comfortable in it and we have already used the heck out of this week.

The Gang getting ready to go for a walk. Don't they look thrilled.

I love it! It is so sturday and comfortable for the kids!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh "Hoppy" Day!

I hope everyone had a very "Hoppy" Easter! HaHa! I know I'm funny. The Easter Bunny made a pit stop in Hurst, TX, and the kids were less than thrilled I must say. After they went to sleep on Saturday, we set up their Easter baskets in their playroom. I'm not quite sure what scared them, other than the different stuff in their playroom. But after we got them calmed down, they decided the plastic eggs were OK. They finally decided to look at the rest of their baskets and came to the conclusion that anyone who brings you a basket of new stuff is alright in their book.

After we played with our baskets for a little while, we got cleaned up and headed to church. The kids wore their cute little Easter outfits and we froze our little butts off. Luckily we found a parking spot close to the door and we weren't outside too long. After church, we came home, put on our PJ's and watched basketball the rest of the day. The kids were great and we played like crazy.

Here's some pics of the kids from Easter morning.

In their Easter baskets, they each got a Dr. Seuss book and the matching stuffed animal character, new Craydoodle crayons, and a little Crayola spiral of white paper to color on.

Hudson enjoying his bunny ears

Miss Ell looking pretty in her ears

Carter inspecting all the baskets

The Whole Gang trying out their new crayons

Overall, the holiday was a success and I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Busy Play Day

Should I be offended that as soon as we got to Adventure Kids yesterday, the kids ran straight to their room and could have cared less that I was there? I guess i should be grateful that they don't have horrible abandonment issues, but can i get a few tears, please! Well anyway, the kids were, in the worker's words "absolutely perfect". I'm glad they behaved themselves. I was dreading the phone call telling me we were suspended for biting. How embarrassing would that have been.

When we got home I put them down for a nap thinking they would conk out for hours. Wrong! They slept about 45 minutes and were ready to go. We went outside and played the rest of the day because they were very cranky. Needless to say, they went to bed about half an hour early and were almost asleep before we could get their lotion and PJs on. They slept great and woke up happy and laughing this morning. It's supposed to be gorgeous today so I think I'm going to attempt a trip to the park and let them run around.

Here's some pics from the kids yesterday

The shirt says it all

Ell playing catch with the dogs

My little Hunk-a-Love

The Whole Gang worn out from all the activity

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The boy's new favorite

OK, the boys have a new obsession. The first thing Jake wanted to buy when we found out we were having triplets, were these tiny little velvet cowboy hats. Why cowboy hats? No clue, but we got them. We didn't know if we were having boys or girls yet so everyone got the same color. These hats have been in their playroom all along and they have just discovered them. The boys are now obsessed. They are size 0-3 months so needless to say they are more than a little small on my large headed children, but they love them none the less. In the past their obsessions have only lasted a couple weeks, and then we move on to something new, so we'll see what happens!

Hudson showing Daddy how to put on a cowboy hat

Ella doesn't wear them too often b/c it will mess up her beautiful curls

Carter says "Howdy mam!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day.....Yesterday

Hope everyone had a good St. Pat's Day. I also hope everyone remembered to wear their green so they didn't get pinched. We wore our green around here, and ironically, Ella started pinching yesterday. She has these tiny little hands with these dainty little fingers and she can pinch the crap out of you. So we're working on that. Here's some cute pics of the kids yesterday. I didn't buy them St. Pat's shirts b/c they have so many clothes already, and luckily they had a green outfit.

They just almost won't sit still for a group picture anymore

Huddy in his green dinosaur suit

Carter man playin with his cowboy hat

Ella and her crazy curls

This is the boys new favorite thing to do. Don't worry the shelf is attached to the wall.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

15 month check-up

Well the kids had their fifteen month check-up yesterday. It was and I quote the Ped, "the best fifteen month check-up he's every done"! He said the kids are perfect. He said that most NICU and surgical babies are very leery of doctors. But our just sat in their little circle and read their little books and when it was their turn just sat on the little table and acted so big. Luckily they only got one shot too, and Hudson didn't even cry. Here are their fifteen month stats. They each lost two pounds from the last time we were there with their little stomach sickness we had last week, but doc says that's OK!

Hudson - 21 lbs (10%) 31 in (50%) 16 teeth
Ella - 23 lbs (50%) 31 in (75%) 16 teeth
Carter - 21 lbs (10%) 31 in (50%) 16 teeth
So overall, they are healthy and happy, a little skinny, but that's OK!

I'm not sure if it is the time change or all the fresh air the kids are getting but they have been sleeping until 8:30 every morning. They have always woken up at 7:15 like clockwork. So the extra hour is super nice, but my schedule is totally screwed up. We have been on the same schedule for about six months now and now I have to actually think about what we are supposed to be doing. I'm not going to get set on this one though just in case this is a fluke thing.

Jake is out of town this week so I am trying to keep me and the kids busy and give us a change of scenery. The weather is beautiful so we have been spending most of our time outside. I'm cleaning out one of our old flowerbeds in the back yard and trying to get that area looking decent and the kids have been trying to help. It is hilarious. They try to hold on to the rake and shovel so I'm going to try and get them little toy ones for our outside work time. Hope everyone else can get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hippity Hop!

Well, yesterday we went to see the Easter Bunny. Needless to say it was a traumatic experience for a few of us! We went in the afternoon right after the kids nap so they were in a good mood. We get to the mall and their is no one in line so that's good but the Easter Bunny is not there. I am informed that he is on a carrot juice break and will be back in "about 20 minutes". No big deal, we are all in good spirits. The good attitudes quickly faded as the bunny's short snack then turned into a 45 minute break with what I can only imagine was the biggest glass of carrot juice on the planet. Finally he gets his little hairy behind in the chair and the kids start screaming their heads off. I get them all over there close to the bunny and they decide it is not safe for the bunny to try and hold all three so he stands behind the chair and the kids sit on the bench by themselves. The boys have calmed down by now but Ella keeps turning around and seeing the bunny and starts to cry all over again. They give them these giant plastic eggs to hold which the boys think are balls so they start throwing them and screaming when I won't throw them back. Did I mention there were no safety harnesses on this bench that they were sitting on. So I would literally hold all three of them on the bench and then the camera girl would yell "NOW" and I would have to lunge out of the picture. Oh it was quite the experience for all of us. In the end, their was one picture where all of them were semi-looking at the camera, so that's the one we went with.

Okay, I promised you the cutest outfits in the world. Here they are in all their hat/vest/tie/dress wearin' glory!

Hudster looking very dapper in his Easter attire

Miss Ell looking lovely in her flowing green dress

Carter looks ready for the cover of "Golf Digest"

Monday, March 10, 2008

A beautiful weekend!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We did! The weather was finally nice after the snow this week so we spent Saturday and Sunday outside. My parents came into town this weekend for a quick visit so the kids enjoyed seeing their Yia-Yia and Pops. We are going to get the kids picture with the Easter Bunny taken today in their cute little outfits, so prepare for some major cuteness tomorrow!!! I can't wait to see them all dressed up in their little outfits.

Here's some pics from this weekend and our outside playtime

The crew watching Daddy mow the front yard

The Hud Man enjoying the sunshine

Ella being silly

Carter and his new haircut blowing in the breeze

Come back tomorrow for pics containing quite possibly the cutest outfits on the planet!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What a tease she is

Mother Nature that is. That's right, it is raining freezing drizzle outside right now! That's right sleet and snow. Yesterday was 75 degrees and we played outside all day. We even had to come in and put on shorts and sunscreen. Boo this weather!

Here's some pics from our outside adventures yesterday.

Hudson and his new hat to protect him from the rays

Enjoying the fresh air

Ella hated wearing her hat

But then decided it was OK

Carter hated his as well

And did not warm up to the idea

So now we're sitting inside in our PJ's trying to stay warm. Boooooo the cold weather, Boooooo! This is a picture of our neighbor's house across the street!

That's right, that's snow you see.

So yesterday was this

Today is this

I hate the cold!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Saddle 'Em Up

Well, I guess it would be more appropriate to say "Harness 'Em Up". That's right, we are officially owners of baby harnesses. Now before everyone freaks out, I did my research and they are perfectly safe, and not one bad review out of everything I looked at. They've come along way since when me and my brother wore them when we were little. They are now cute little backpacks that aren't ugly at all! I bought them yesterday and the kids really like them. It will take a little getting used to. We tryed them out yesterday, and it looked a little like I was walking dogs. They were all kind of going off in their own direction and bumping in to one another, but they got a little better as they went on.

Here's a pic of little harness wearin' cuties.

OK. let me explain. Jake has always been adamantly against harnesses. That was until we started seeing little kids darting away from their parents, with Mom or Dad frantically yelling and running after them. He was still a little leary, and then he told me he would just carry our baby all the time and then he/she wouldn't need a harness. Then he found out we were having three babies, not one baby. So he jumped on the harness band wagon. Our kids are getting old enough where they don't want to be in the stroller all the time. And I am only one person, with two hands. Two hands, three babies, it doesn't add up. Me and the kids like to go out to lunch and it will be nice being able to unload them from the van and not worry about one of them darting out in front of an oncoming vehicle or some sicko snatching them up. Let's face it, these kids are cute! Even if we didn't have three, I would buy one of these in a heartbeat. It doesn't matter how careful you are or how close you keep them, it only takes a second! So with that said, I will come off my soapbox and enjoy my harnesses!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Addition to Our Family!

Yes, we are adding to our family. We have waited so long for this and are so excited! We have hoped and wished for a long time, and now it's finally happen! We found out a couple of weeks ago and could not be more excited!

No, not a baby you crazies! A new couch! (I bet I had you goin' right!) That's right, we are the proud new owners of a leather sofa. (Thanks to my lovely aunt and uncle!) All of mine and Jake's furniture has been hand-me-downs. They are really neat, antique, cool pieces, but they are still hand-me-downs. Well we have said goodbye to our first piece of furniture that we have had since we were married. The red couch! I wrote a little something for big red, enjoy.
Ode to Big Red

My dear big red
to us you've been so kind
to us you were such a find

My dear big red
you didn't cost us a penny
you've given comfort to so many

My dear big red
You have done nothing wrong
to us you weren't quite so long

My dear big red
today you meet your demise
the stripey couch is where everyone lies!

It was a tough choice on which couch to get rid of, we love them both and they are both big and comfy, but in the end, when my parents come, my dad sleeps on the couch (he has a snoring problem) and he needs one where he can stretch out a bit. So I would like to introduce everyone to our newest addition, I haven't thought of a name yet so we'll just call him Big Leathy for now.

In baby news, b/c that's what everyone really wants to know, the kids are doing great! They are eating well and sleeping well too. Everything is back to normal (knock on wood). We're getting ready to head to Wal-Mart so we'll see how a little trip goes. Pray for no puking or pooping while at the store. Ha Ha! They still are a little more sleepy than usual. I went to get them a snack and their juice yesterday and when I came back into the playroom, this is what they looked like!

Ella was sound asleep and the boys woke up when I got the camera out. We're not quite 100%, but we're almost there.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just when we thought the end was near.....

As Elton John would say "The B***h is Back"! That's right the plague has returned. By Wednesday, the kids were almost back to normal. Thursday, I had to get out of the house, so we ran a couple of errands. Friday I scrubbed the house from top to bottom to get rid of the smell. Saturday we took the kids shopping for their Easter shoes, and on the way home, Ella had a little poop explosion. Well, not a little explosion, a big explosion. So after we got that cleaned up they were good. Then Sunday hit. That noise you hear is the ominous rift played on Dragnet. Dum, dee, dum, dum. That's right, the plague had returned. Dum, dee, dum, dum, dum. Sunday began with an all to familiar smell. Sour, nasty, make you wanna throw up smell. Carter pooped everywhere!!! So church was officially out of the question. Good thing because not forty five minutes later, Ella had the exact same problem. Then half an hour later, Hudson puked everywhere. Then ten minutes later, Ella threw-up. Then twenty minutes later, Carter puked! That's right, all of them, puking and pooping all the time. This continued until we fell asleep, finally, the sweet relief of sleep. This morning though, everyone is perfect. Ate breakfast, played, you would never know that they have gotten rid of all their food from the past week through either the top or bottom. Sometimes simultaneously. I'm trying to be optimistic and hopeful that today is going to be a good day! So think positive thoughts!

On a lighter note, during our brief hiatus from our never ending illness, we played outside on Saturday. The weather was great so we couldn't pass up the opportunity for fresh air!

We decided it was time to break out "Dale the Whale" that they got for their bday!

Hudson found the basket of golf balls, which was promptly hidden to avoid any damage to any of the other children

Ella was trying to figure out how to get her big round bottom on top of "Dale the Whale"

His Daddy thinks that Carter may be the next Tiger Woods