Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Welp, I took the boys yesterday to get their little hairs cut. Carter's hair grows super fast like mine and Huddy hasn't had a trim since February so I figured it was probably time for a summer do. They got their little heads buzzed and they look so big and grown up. I thought they might look a little goofy but they sweat so bad when we play I didn't care. They were so good, Huddy sat in the cab and Carter sat in the taxi. Miss Ell sat on me in a nearby chair. I was pretty impressed with their good behavior. I told them twenty dollars in their mythical bank accounts.

The kids have started eating the same things as us for dinner and we all eat together as a family. Not quite the relaxing enjoying together time I was hoping for yet but we'll get there. Well last night I made lasagna. Of course when I say "I", I mean the lovely people at "Stauffers", and by "made", I mean stick in the oven. But either way it was good and the kids loved it. Actually they inhaled it and the boys wanted seconds. It was a little messy but their little belly's sure were stuffed. Here's some pics of the mess that is lasagna night!

Huddy and his buzz cut. His head doesn't look as big as I thought it would! HaHa!

Miss Ell decided to steer clear of the buzz cut this time and keep her locks.

Carter man looking very grown up with his new do.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's the side effects that'll kill ya!

Well I'm here to say the pregnancy side effects have kicked in full force. The nausea, the puking, the sheer exhaustion, all of it! I'm nauseous pretty much any time that I'm awake but not throwing up as much as I was with the triplets. With them, I threw at least ten times a day from six weeks until about two days after I had them. It was terrible! My body though I had become bulimic and my hair was falling out in chunks. I'm praying that it doesn't get that bad this time. I only get sick two or three times a day this time around with "Surprise" and some foods actually sound good. I am eating chips and salsa by the pound and can't get enough. No matter the time of day, I'm lovin me some chips and salsa. Hopefully I will only have true first trimester morning sickness and not all day sickness for the entire pregnancy.

Onto the kids that are already here. They were much better behaved yesterday. They were back to their old selves during the day. It got a little dicey last night but not as bad as it has been. We went to Wal-Mart yesterday for our weekly grocery run and I'm sad/happy to say it is my last trip by myself with the kids. I can't do it anymore. They are getting too big to lug around. Fifty pounds of stroller, seventy five pounds and fifty pounds of groceries wore me out! That's alot of pounds and I have little arms. Upper body strength has always been my weakness. So now my trips to Wally World will be solo evening trips which I must say I'm looking forward too. It'll be nice not to get stopped sixty seven times being asked the same dumb questions. Well I will leave you with some serious cuteness from last week (before the kids turned into devil children).

I came into the play room to see they had taken the boxes off the shelf and were just chillin' watchin some Dsiney. (I know I'm a terrible Mom. I let my kids watch TV. Gasp! The horror!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

We went and got us some culture!

Well we had a pretty good weekend around here. Minus Hudson and Ella acting like the worst children on the face of the planet. Carter was great. Jake was out of town so my Nanna and Poppa came down to lend me hand. I don't know what got into H and E but they were throwing fits and just acting all around terrible. Saturday we decided it was time to get out of the house. My Nanna had seen this article in "Southern Living" before the kids were even born about a sculpture in Dallas, and she has been dying to see it. So after the kids nap Saturday morning, we loaded up and headed to Big D.

We went to the Nasher Sculpture Center in the Arts District in Dallas. First of all we, and by we I mean my Poppa, had to pay ten dollars to park. Ten dollars! And then he had to pay another twenty-four to get into the museum. Oh well, I think it was worth it. Much to my surprise, the kids did not make a peep, literally not a sound while we were at the museum. I was so relieved. I am one of those mom who doesn't enjoy listening to children scream in public places, especially fancy places like a museum. I know you can't help it, but still. So any way we walked around outside b/c it was gorgeous weather and the inside sculptures, I'll just say it, were very weird. Apparently what I call art, and what these cultured people call art are two very different things. Most of the things looked like something a six year old would make in pottery class. And not even a talented six year old! So the kids were perfect, and we just enjoyed the weather and the flowers and the beautiful grass. That should have been some art!

So we finally got around to the piece my Nanna saw in the article, and I have to admit it was really impressive. It is called "Walk to the Sky", and it is this giant steel pole with these people walking straight up it to, well the sky! It was really cool. I took some pictures but you don't really get a feel of how big and straight up it is.

So all in all it was a really good weekend and I feel proud that we got the kids some brand new culture for their little growing minds. The kids are already behaving better since their Daddy's been home. I guess they are getting old enough to realize when he's gone. Here's some pics from our culture adventure!

The trio getting ready to get culturized

My Poppa and Nanny and the kids

Me and the kiddos enjoying some shade

This is the cool sculpture I am standing at the base of it looking straight up.

These are the "people" waiting their turn to climb to the sky

Pretty impressive huh?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Twister and Shout

Well we had a pretty crazy night around here. Not really a fun night but a crazy one. We had storms and tornadoes and hail and lightning. It sucked. Jake left yesterday for his annual golf trip with his college friends so it was just me, quattro and the trips. I gave the kids their baths a little early so they would be done by the time the storm came which was supposed to be here at 7:30. Well 7:30 rolls around and no storm and I've got tired babies. So I put the kids to bed and pack up a little bag to take with us to the bathroom in case this mythical tornado really does hit. At 7:45 the tornado sirens start going off so I look outside, huh, clear blue skies. Turn on the news, the storm should be here in five minutes. Get out of my PJ's race to get a mattress in the bathroom and wait. Five minutes later, still no storm. I'm very tired by now b/c I did not get my afternoon nap. The kids are finally asleep, and the doorbell rings, which makes the dogs bark like crazy, because no one ever rings our doorbell, and it's our neighbor and he wants to park his truck under our carport so he doesn't get it hailed on. Fine, sure, whatever. Now the dogs are barking the kids are screaming and still no storm. How annoying. So finally at 8:35, the rain starts. That's it, just rain and hail. I guess I should be thankful that it wasn't anything serious, but now I have a bathtub full of blanket and pillows with a twin mattress propped up against the wall. And I missed Survivor, Earl, Office, Lost and the first twenty minutes of Eli Stone. I love my Thursday night TV. Oh well, better safe than sorry I guess

The kids are doing great. We had a good day yesterday but I am so ready to get back outside. It has been warm but so windy it will just knock those little bodies right over. It is supposed to be nice this weekend so we should definitely get some outside time today. Well, time to make these babies some breakfast, I'll leave you with some cuteness!

The kids love to stand on their little boxes and stare out the window, all day long! Now if only I could figure out how to get them from banging on it?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Due 12-12-08

Ok so I've got some explaining to do. Yes the tests are mine, and no it isn't twins, that we know of. It's still really early so we go back for an ultrasound in a couple of weeks. So let me start at the beginning.

Last Saturday, Jake the kids and I went over to our friends house to watch some basketball, we got back pretty late and we were all exhausted. We got the kids bathed and put to bed and Jake and I were hanging out on the couch talking. I was "late" again and started telling Jake that I'm going to go see my Doc b/c I don't like these pills. They make my stomach hurt, and don't make me "regular" like they were supposed to. Sorry maybe TMI. So he asks if I could be pregnant. "Of course not!" I exclaimed. But J insisted I go to CVS and get a pregnancy test. After much debate, I finally decided to go, what could it hurt. Well I get home and decide to go ahead and take it and get it over with. This was about nine o'clock at night and I know your supposed to take them in the morning but I wanted to get it done. Imagine my surprise when I instantly saw two lines. At first I thought I had it upside down or sideways of something, of course this test couldn't be positive. I have fertility problems, I need help to get pregnant! Well apparently not! God decided that it's time for "Quattro" to join our family. I rounded the corner holding the stick and Jake just looks at me and says "What? What? No your not. Are you pregnant? Holy S#^t, Are you kidding me". Nope this is not something you kid about my friend. So after a few tears, hours of silence, shock and disbelief, we have moved to really excited. It's still really early so we're still be a little cautious, but not to cautious I guess, since I just told the whole blog-oshpere. We'll just see what God has planned for us!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hooray for Power!

That's right, we have power. It finally returned yesterday morning! It was so nice to wake up this morning and use the microwave for my tea and eat a bowl of cereal, with milk! Oh the things we take for-granted.

Anyways, we had a really good time in Norman this weekend. We went to the OU Spring Game and the kids experienced the greatness that is Sooner Football. The weather was great. And the kids were actually pretty good. They slept great at the hotel and lasted the whole day with no naps. It was a little touch and go at the beginning, but by the time we got to the stadium, they were great. They danced and clapped when the band played and we got some great pics! I took a ton but here are some of the best ones!

My Poppa and the boys

Huddy and my little brother

Me and my Poppa

Carter and my Dad

My Dad, my Poppa, my Mom and the kids

Me and Miss Ell

The Whole Crew

And one last pic for you to ponder

Friday, April 11, 2008

So that's what it's like to be a pioneer

I know, I know, I have posted in forever. But there's been alot going on. Jake's grandfather passed away Friday afternoon, so we left Monday to go up to Tulsa for the Memorial Service on Tuesday. We came back Wednesday, and had the mother of all storms Wednesday night. We're talking the closest thing you can get to a tornado w/o actually being a tornado. So we have had no power since Wednesday. You heard me right. Three small children at home and no power. Luckily, the weather has been very nice but still no power has made for some interesting challenges.

First off, no lights in the bathroom. The shower in our bedroom (the one with the nice window in it) is out of commission due to a hole I put through the wall when I was pregnant with the triplets and I was trying to shave my legs, but that's another story. So we just have the bathroom in the hallway with no lights anywhere close. Lesson number one, showering in pitch black is way hard. Lesson number two, I didn't realize how much electricity I used. For cooking, for entertainment, for getting ready. No way to cook anything, so we have been eating out every meal b/c we can't even keep jelly cold in the fridge. Lesson three, neighbors can be very kind. Last night, our next door neighbor, who has power, lent us an extension cord to plug one power strip into. So we have to decide what we can wean down to six plug ins. Number one, TV of course. Number two, a fan. Number three, Tivo. Number four, another extension cord that runs to the kids room and plugs into their power strip so they can have their lamp, their purifier, and their noise machine. Number five, a lamp. Number six, we leave that open so we can use it for my hair dryer which has to run on low as so not to blow up the whole house.

So needless to say, I'm ready for some electricity. They said hopefully by Saturday evening. You may be asking yourself, "Well Lindsay, if you don't have any power, how are you blogging?" Good question my loyal readers. I am relaxing comfortably in a hotel in Norman, OK. We had already planned to come to Norman for my brothers birthday and the OU spring game so it worked out well. Tomorrow, I will enjoy a shower with the lights on, a full speed hair dryer, and a breakfast that is not bananas and dry cereal! Hooray! No pics tonight, because I'm on my Dad's computer but I'll put some up, just as soon as my home rejoins the pleasures known since the late eighteen-hundreds. Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Kids on the Block!

That's right the NKOB are back in action. I was in the 3rd grade when the "Kids" were in their hey-day. I'm not afraid to say, I had an over sized shirt with all the boys pictures on it. Two things made me feel old this morning. Remembering when over sized clothes when style. And when they said that NKOB hadn't performed together in fifteen years. That's right I was just a little six year old girl with bad bangs, making up dances in my friend Lori's driveway to "Step by Step". Sportin' my XL t-shirt and spandex shorts of course. So mark your calendars folks, "New Kids on the Block" will be performing May 16th on the Today show. I wonder if I still have that shirt?

On to the children. They are super cranksters today. It is 10:30 and they have already been asleep for an hour. They usually don't even go to sleep until 10:45. After trying to play with them and listening to them whine for over an hour, I made the executive decision to stray from the schedule and lay them down for a nap and hour early. You heard me right, I strayed from my schedule, but I'm the mom and I can do that. So they are now sleeping peacefully and I am praying that they wake up in a better mood. They had a great time yesterday at Adventure Kids and then we came home and played outside some. Here's some pics from yesterday!

Ella and Carter playin' Peek-a-boo

Doin' a little teeterin and totterin

Ellster hammin' it up for the camera

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where have all the babies gone?

Last night, during our nightly TV shows, I drug all of the kids old clothes and shoes, blankets and accessories out. Their closet had gotten out of control! Needless to say, with three babies the same age, you accumulate alot of stuff. No hand-me-downs, no recycling, just three of everything and I mean everything!

So as I was going through their clothes and dividing them up and sorting them into piles (boys, girls or either), it hit me. We are done with babies. We aren't having any more and it just hit me. No more first smiles, no more first laughs, we're done. We won't ever again see the first step, or the first roll, or the first recognition of our voices, we're done. No more tiny baby clothes, no more swaddling up a baby extra tight and tucking him in for the night, we're finished. No more little babies.

Unless you have multiples, you may not understand. Most people have year after year of firsts, but with multiples, your done really quickly, too quickly. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change having triplets for the world and I am so proud of what we have accomplished as a family over the past couple years. I know how fortunate and bless we are! But as I was packing down all of the kids things that will never be used again, I just couldn't believe, we're done with babies!

I should probably add, mostly for our families, no we are still not planning on having anymore so don't freak out and start calling. We're done, I promise!

So onto lighter things, the kids are doing great and they are off to Adventure Kids this afternoon, and I am off for a much needed pedicure. My feet need to get Spring ready!

Here's some pics of the closet. Mostly for my mom who is more obsessively neat and organized than I am! I used to think she was nuts, but I firmly believe God had her prepare me because he knew I would be having triplets. It is an absolute necessity to be organized with multiples.

The left side of the closet is for clothes, the basket on the bottom is for socks.

The right side of the closet is for all of the stuff we are getting rid of. All the big stuff is in the sun room.

The top rod is for play clothes/non-church clothes.
1. Dark blue and pink hangers are for park/play clothes
2. Light blue and pinkbhangers are for play clothes also appropriate for Wal-Mart/Target/Mall
3. Red hangers are for outings such as dinners or family gatherings

The bottom rod is for church clothes only on white hangers

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

I know, I know, it's been forever! We were out of town last week and just got back to TX yesterday. We were up in OK for some tree cutting fun at my parents.

My mom and dad got the kids a playhouse/swingset for their house and in the apocalyptic ice storm late last year, the tree that the playhouse was going to go under began to crumble. They needed to get it down before they put the playhouse up and it gets crushed like a little twig by a really, really big twig. So Saturday the boys did that and the kids and my mom and I played inside. It was cold and rainy, surprise, surprise. It never fails, it can be beautiful up there for weeks and as soon as me and the kids roll into town, it's fourty-five and rainy. Oh well, I guess I should know by now!

The kids are doing great. They have all started doing new thing and it's alot of fun. Hudson can loves to play catch and can actually catch the ball when you throw it to him almost every time. Ella now loves to point at things and look at you to tell her what they are. Cars, planes, spoons, forks, everything. Carter has turned into a dancing machine and I have yet to catch him on video b/c it is so hilarious, when he starts shakin', I laugh way too hard to get up and find the camera.

The boys new favorite game is for me to chase them around in circles. They would be content for hours, if only I had enough stamina to keep it up. I will say "Get down", and they squat like they're getting ready to pounce and then I yell "GO!" and the chaos ensues. They absolutely love it. Ella would rather just sit in her little chair and watch. I know, that sounds way more relaxing!

Here's some pics of the boys and me playing their new favorite game!

"GO!" Don't I look so graceful

Getting ready to pounce! I call this one "Crouching Huddy, Hidden Momma"

Gotcha Huddy!

Carter says "Ahhh! There she is!"

"Holy crap, this lady's everywhere!"

Ella would rather stand on her head than run around like a crazy person.

Her newest athletic feat....the foward roll!

And answers to the questions about the stroller. Yes we use it in public. The mall, the zoo, places like that. You have to walk sideways through doors but it gets the job done. The seats totally recline, so if the kids ever fall asleep we just lay 'em, back. It works well on the grass as we go walking to the park everynight and have to off road through a field to get to the play equipment.