Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas '08

So here is a rundown of all of our Christmas festivities. This is way long, but I want to remember everything

Tuesday 12/23 -
Leave our house in Texas at 7:30am
Due to the freezing fog and low temperatures, drive 50 mph for over 300 miles.
Takes us 7 1/2 hours to make a 4 hour trip, thank God for portable DVD players
Finally arrive and the rest of the day goes smoothly
Kids sleep well that night

Wednesday 12/24 -
Kids wake up at 5:00am
Won't eat breakfast, overall kind of cranky
Play all morning
Eat lunch and load up to head south
Drive an hour south of Tulsa to see Jake's grandfather for Christmas
Spend a little time with family, then head back to my parents
Get ready for Christmas Eve service
The kids were awesome during church, not gonna lie, I was shocked!
Head home for baths and bed
The boys stay up to put together Christmas gifts, the girls finish all the cooking

Thursday 12/25 -
Kids wake up early again and we open presents
Huddy has a fever and is overall super whiny
Ella and Carter play well and Hudson pulls at his ear all morning
Eat some breakfast
Jake heads to Walgreens for some Tylenol and Benadryl and ear cleaner
This is gross, but clean out the biggest nastiest ball of gunk out Huddy's ear
After lunch, we drive an hour north to see Jake's parent
The Stauffer's, family friends, were there and Dr. Stauffer looks at Huddy's ear
Ear infection, so we get a prescription
Pharmacy is closed so we have to get it tomorrow
Head back to my parents and the rest of the day goes pretty smooth.

Friday 12/26 -
Good night's sleep for everyone
Huddy starts his medicine and all seems to be well
The boys watch the kids while my Mom, me, and my brother's girlfriend, go see the "Twighligh" movie. (OK, my newest obbsesion, I'm on the third book.)
Movie was awesome and will seriously make you want your husband to be a sexy vampire!
Jake informs me that he is in fact part vampire so not to worry
The kids have a good day and a good night

Saturday 12/27 -
Just hang out at my parents and play with the kids new toys
My dad's side of the family comes over for dinner and family time
Jake heads back to TX, he has to work next week
Kids sleep well and everything is going well

Sunday 12/28 -
Church with my parents and a day of watchin' football
Carter and Ella are starting to act like they feel bad
Stay inside and play with the kids
Ella starts coughing horribly that night and none of them sleep very well

Monday 12/29 -
It was a nice day so we went to the park and let the kids run off some energy
Spend the rest of day hanging out and watching football
Another not great night, lot's of coughing and snot from Ella and Carter

Tuesday 12/30 -
The kids got Build a Bear gift cards for Christmas so we head to the mall
We shop a little while and then make our way to build our bears
Holy Moly, that place is a little overwhelming!
Bears or Dogs, Gigglers or Heartbeats, Soft or Firm, Cuddly or Floppy, Ahhh!!!
We went with the same bear in three different colors, with similar outifits
I don't know why I thought that would minimize fights, oh well.
Eat some lunch and load up to go pick up Jake's bday gift, yes I am a little late
Drive an hour south and pick it up, the kids sleep the whole way there and back
Good afternoon and evening, but more coughing and snot that night

Wednesday 12/31 -
Start to pack up ALL of our stuff, and there was alot I tell you
The kids are super cranky and ask to take a morning nap
They slept for almost three hours and woke up looking a little rough
Should have known the rest of the week was not going to go well
Pack some more, and get ready to go to Jake's parents
Drive an hour north and arrive to spend time with all the aunts, uncles and cousins
The kids play their little tails off, open presents and crash
They slept great, they were exhausted

Thursday 1/1 -
Happy New Year!
The kids slept unti 7:30am
Ate brunch with the family
Played Wii and hung out
Watched the Rose Bowl and the kids took a too shourt nap
The evening steadily went downhill.
We put the kids down at 7:30pm and followed shortly behind them ourselves
Then, the night from hell started
Carter cried, no screamed, literally all night, falling asleep now and then for minutes at a time. Not our best showing I must admit!

Friday 1/2 -
Load up both cars and head back south to TX
The kids slept almost the whole way and then went to bed early and slept great
They didn't wake up until almost 8:00am
Carter has gunk pouring out his ear and him and Ella have way high fevers.
Charlie starts coughing horribly, so we head to after hours care
Of course they are closed, we've never been before
Head to urgent care and we get in fairly quickly
Verdict, viral upper respiratory infections for Carter, Ella and Charlie.
Breathing treatments for the older ones, poor Charlie can't take anything

Saturday 1/3 -
Lots of whining, high fevers, and lots of Tylenol and Motrin
Long nap and a pretty good night's sleep

Yesterday, I spent trying to get back in the groove of things. Get the massive amounts of laundry and ironging done, all of our stuff put away, etc. I'm proud to say you can now see all of the floors in my house and all of laundry is done.

We went back to the doctor this morning for Charlie Brown. Little dude still can't breathe and sounds like he is hacking up a lung. Mr. Brown has an ear infection. So we made it an entire year with the triplets with no ear infection and little Chuck is only five weeks old and already has his first. But seriously, what do you expect with three two year olds around him all the time. Doc said it was caused by his chest cold. I feel so bad for him, but he is starting antibiotics so hopefully he'll feel better soon!
Charlie looks about like the rest of us feel!


Susan said...

Amazing that you can right this all down...I think with the no sleep situation some nights that things would begin to blur together :) I guess the saying that goes something about God granting the young with children is right!!! I'm not that old (almost 40) and you make me tired reading this :) I hope little Charlie can hack his way through. So little. Glad you had a good holiday even through the trying sicknesses.

Susan said...

Oops....I meant "write", not "right". :)

Joy said...

Whew! I'm tired from just reading that! You guys are rock stars! I hope all the kids are starting to feel better, especially little Charlie. We just returned from a vacation and I have to tell you...its nice to be home and in the normal swing of things, right? Have a great week!

Barbara Manatee said...

Whew! That's a lot! I, too, am impressed that you remembered it all despite how busy you were.

Sorry the kids were all sick over the holidays - hopefully everyone will be better soon!

Happy new Year!

ashleigha said...

Sorry to hear of al your sickness. But glad to hear you were able to spend time with your family during Christmas. We too are expereincing the joys of ear infections. Morgan was 1 month when she got sick the first time. Garrett was over a year old before he even got a cold!!! Hang in there!

Annie said...

Amazing, definitely all of you had a great time with family. Sorry, that the kids are sick. I hope they feel better soon.

We finish the year and start 2009 all sick.

Great post.

Following Him said...

Poor Charlie...this picture just melts my heart! Hope everyone is feeling better soon and the kiddos are back to "normal." Hang in there!!!