Thursday, January 22, 2009

Look Who's Talkin' Now!

Charlie is that's who. After the kids go to sleep, Charlie gets to have some alone time with Jake and I. We hang out, watch our shows, and relax. The Big Man loves his playmat that Santa brought him for Christmas, and loves to talk to it. Here is a little video of cuteness.

He has also started to smile at me. Whenever it's just me and him, which is not alot. He just grins and talks to me. He is such a happy baby and I'm a sucker for those smiles!


Barbara Manatee said...

Gotta love those first smiles and coos!! Too cute!

Wow...he already looks so much like the other 3! There's NO denying they're all siblings!

Susan said...

What a cutie. And yes, he certainly looks like his brothers. But very happy and content. Have a good weekend.

Cindy (and Brian) said...

OMG I LOVE those sounds! I actually miss that about having little babies. What a sweetie!

Following Him said...

ADORABLE :) I agree with Barbara, he does look so much like the trips! I actually think he looks like Huddy more right now! Love the smiles!

Hilary said...

Man is Charlie too cute or what?!!! He really does look ALOT like his brothers are sister!!Crazy! CUTE :)