Monday, January 26, 2009

Love / Hate Relationship

The kids have had a bit of a love / hate relationship lately. Hate is a bit of a strong word, we'll say strong dislike, but you'll see what I mean. One minute, everything is peace, love, fluff and rainbows, and the next minute it is total bedlam. Here is a little sneak peek at what happens about four hundred and seventy two times a day. By the way, the knot on Huddy's head is where he fell out of his chair at the food court on Sunday. Quite a lovely knot with a chunk of skin missing!
Disclaimer: No babies were hurt in the taking of these pictures, at least not too bad!

Brotherly and sisterly love

Two seconds later, apparently Ella squeezed Huddy's neck to hard

Then Carter decided he needed to get in on the action too.


Susan said...

Hahahah...I'm sorry, it made me laugh and your sense of humor it hilarious as well. (472 times a day). I want to say poor Ella but Ella looks like she could put both brothers in their place if she really wanted to ;) Your calmly filming as they are going to town will call it. Keep laughing, it helps :)

Gibson Twins said...

That's too funny! I'm thinking it is a 2 yr old thing.....mine throw toys at each other just so they can say "sorry". I never even know who's fault it is anymore. I have probably put the wrong kid in time out before. lol

Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah, I think Ella will hold her own amongst the boys. That's what everyone says about my Sarah...she's the only girl in our brood and amongst cousins too...but we all know she'll be the leader of the pack and the queen bee! haha!

Following Him said...

OH MY GOODNESS...not sweet Ella, Huddy, or Carter? Seriously! What happened to those sweet, adorable, and GREAT big brothers and sister?
Hang in there!!!

Heza Hekele said...

Oh the love/hate of changes faster than the wind! One of the wonderful dynamics you don't get to see when you have just one! (I have just one, but his "siblings" spend every other weekend with our life is a back and forth game between the stillness of one and the explosive and dynamic chaos of three! I love it!)