Thursday, February 26, 2009

Charlie is 3 Months Old!

Welp, the big man is now three months old. So far, it's been a fairly smooth three months. Charlie is the happiest easy baby in the world. He is smiling and laughing at me and Jake as I type this. I think he weighs about thirteen pounds now. I've decided the reason I have small babies is because they sleep through the night. Charlie eats at about 8pm and then doesn't eat again until 7am, and has been doing this since he was about a month and a half old. So that's alot of feedings that most babies get that Big Time doesn't. But, that's OK, I'll take a small baby and good sleep! Charlie loves to watch his big brothers and sister play, and is just fine to let them poke and love on him. He also rolled over for the first time on Monday. Sure it was in a fit of rage because I was making him lay on his belly, but he rolled over all the same! Here are his pics with his bear along with the triplets' for comparison.

Charlie's 2 month pic

Charlie's 3 month pic

Hudson's 3 month pic

Ella's 3 month pic

Carter's 3 month pic


Barbara Manatee said...

oh wow! look how tiny Carter was!! So glad Charlie is doing so well. WOW - sleeping all night already! Awesome! I'm hoping we're moving in that direction. Adam eats around 7, then 11, then the last 2 nights has been good until 5am. Not too bad for 6 weeks. Hopefully before I'm back to work at least!

Susan said... cute. Charlie is filling out nicely and I agree, if smaller gives better sleep, bring it on :) I had big, of course ;) I just love the triplets 3 months. Ella looks so pudgey :) And Carter was small. All super sweet.

Holly said...

What a happy baby! He's adorable.

Following Him said...

What a cute and happy baby at 3 months!

Leslie said...

Welllllllllllll I'd be super mad reading this post if Ian was not sleeping thru the night. Fat boy started about 9 days ago. And my twins are still small and started sleeping thru the night very early on. I agree though - take the small easy baby any day. He is pretty cute!!