Thursday, March 19, 2009

We went to Oklahoma......

....and all we got was the stupid stomach bug. (You know, it's like those t-shirts). Anyway, the kids and I headed up to OK for a little trip. My mom was on spring break so we went to hang out for a few days. My brother's girlfriend, Savannah, was there too so all the extra hands were nice. Saturday thru Monday were great. Tuesday morning though, Hudson woke up with a little fever. I assumed it was an ear infection, after all, he has been off his antibiotic for three days. Well, apparantly it was not an ear infection, but the start of "Stomach Bug '09". If you recall, this exact same thing happened last January. We refer to it as "Black Tuesday" to this day. It starts off innocently enough. A couple stinky toots here, a few poops there, and then before you know, you are totally overun with poop! We loaded up to head home on Wednesday. I was driving through Norman to drop Savannah off and stop for a quick lunch with my brother. Every one eats great, we change diapers and hit the road. Well, what normally takes two hours and fifteen minutes, turned into a five hour trip from hell! We stopped no less than twenty times to change sour sickly smelling diapers. Several times, I would just get Huddy changed and back in his seat, start the car, and either him, Ella or Charlie would have another explosion. It was MISERABLE. Why oh why I ask you, does this only happen when I'm traveling by myself? I don't know either! We went through two boxes of wipes, I don't know how many diapers, and three way dirty, way stinky car seats that were promptly washed and hosed down when we finally made it home. Last night, Huddy had a major blow out at eleven thirty and had a midnight bath, but after that, everyone seemed to sleep okay. Of course, today we had our fair share of poops and I gave three baths before noon, but everyone seems to be on the mend and by tomorrow, I think we will all be back to 100%. Fortunately, it does not seem to be as bad as last year, and there was no throwing up this time. Small victories people, small victories.

Since I haven't had time to go through the pics from this weekend, here are some pics from the past couple weeks! Hopefully, I'll get back to my regularly scheduled blogging before to long.

Playing outside, poor Charlie, he can't even play in peace!
The Crew before church a few weeks ago
The big man in his matching sweater
On our way to the zoo last Tuesday


Shelley said...

Charlie is so cute & getting so big!! He looks just like one of his brothers! Glad everyone is feeling better!

Susan said...

Oh my.....just a little stress, huh!!! You are a very patient mom!! Hope all is feeling better real soon. Ella in her hat is so cute. Charlie will be one tough toddler in the future ;)

Momma-of-5 said...

At least you have your sense of humor!?!?!

You're my hero, Lindsay. I would have just sat in the car and cried.

Hope you have a poop-free day!

Barbara Manatee said...

whoa...what a trip! Were you driving with the windows down and your head hanging out?! Thank goodness you weren't still PG...I imagine the smells would have been the end for you, too!

Glad they're all feeling better!

Annie said...

Hard trip. I hope all the kids feel better soon. Great pictures.

Have a great weekend.

Following Him said...

Hope everyone is feeling MUCH better this weekend :)

Hilary said...

Man!! I hope that everyone is better..never a dull moment! :)Cute pictures..adorable kiddos:)

jay_say said...

Hi there. I followed your comment from another blogger's post - hope you don't mind. I have five year old twin boys and a two year old son. I look forward to reading more.