Friday, April 3, 2009

Charlie is 4 months old!

The big man is four months old. He weighed thirteen pounds at three months. He lost a little over a pound with his ear infections and all his formula switching. He's only gained 9 oz of the lost weight back, but the doctor said it will take him a little while to catch up. I was shocked to find out that he actually weighs less than Ella and Hudson did at four months, but he is almost three inches longer than they were too! Looks like he's going to be built more like me. At four months old, he can roll from his belly to his back and from his back to his belly. He want to sit up so bad and does great in his Bumbo and his boppy. Quite a change from the big boys who didn't sit up until they were almost 10 months old! He's still sleeping great at night. He's not a great napper, but we are usually on the go during his morning nap time and he just kind of has to catch a little cat nap where he can. He started eating some baby foods too and is doing great with them. His favorite right now is green beans and chicken. He's also tried squash, bananas and pears. He loves, loves, loves, his jumperoo and exersaucer. He is also loving his little activity gym and grabs all the toys he can find. Here's the big man's bear pics for this month, along with the big kids!

Charlie's 3 month pic

Charlie's 4 month pic - 12.9 pounds 25" long

Hudson's 4 month pic - 13.2 pounds 22" long

Ellas 4 month pic - 13.5 pounds 22 1/2" long

Carter's 4 month pic - 9.15 pounds 21 1/2" long


Annie said...

Baby Charlie is a great eater. Happy 4 months!!!

Following Him said...

FOUR months already...ADORABLE :) Can't believe he is rolling back over already! Have a great weekend!

Ashhog said...

I love the pic at the very top of your blog with the kids in their OU stuff! You are a master at getting pictures with all the kids looking at the camera. You've got to share your secrets! :)

Susan said...

AWH!!! Charlie is long...big difference in length from 3 mo to 4 mo pic. And your two big kids were so chunky at 4 mos but your right, you can tell they were shorter. Neat how your tracking all this.