Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I promise, I promise!

I will totally work on the blog tomorrow! The kids will be at school and I will most definitely get to it. We have been super busy with playdates, Easter, working in the yard and a trip to OK for the weekend. So come back tomorrow and I promise to have some stories and pics. But for now, here's a pic to hold you over!

The little monkeys before a trip to the zoo.


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet pic!! I'm glad everything's okay! :) Kristie

Following Him said...
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Following Him said...

Glad you all are still "alive" Look foward to the new post tomorrow!

Susan said...

Glad your back....miss hearing stories about your little ones. Gee, one cannot wonder WHY you are busy and don't have as much time to blog ;) Your kids are beautiful.