Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week in Review

So I have been a total blog slacker lately. We have been super busy around here for the past couple weeks. Between our projects around the house, play dates, doctors appointments, and just life in general, we have had a jam packed month! So I'm here to catch you all up. So as Leo from "Little Einsteins" says, "Hold on tight, 'cuz here we go!"

Last week, Jake's mom was in town for a couple days to visit and hang out with the kids. Tuesday we took her to our mall play place for a little fun. After that we visited our favorite Chickyfries place "Chick-Fil-A". The kids were at school on Wednesday, so Granna hung out with Charlie while I went to the eye doctor and to Wal-Mart. We had a great time Granna!

Thursday, we had our big play date at the zoo with Hollee, Lilly, Marlee, and Beau. And I forgot to mention that Hollee's SIL came with us, that's why she had two strollers. Friday was Charlie's big four month doctor's appointment(more on that tomorrow). Then it was home to cheer on our Sooners.


Saturday, I took Ella out for a "Girl's day". I have never taken just one of the kids anywhere by themselves. We ran a few errands and then had some lunch. She was her normal talkative self in the car, but did not say one word in public. It was so weird to see her being so shy. She kept looking around for "Huddy, CarCar, Oh Baby Charley?". Saturday night, my mom got stuck at DFW airport, so I took the big kids to go pick her up. They were so good walking through the airport and loved watching the "PANES!!!". Sunday, we again cheered on our Sooners, to no avail, but we still looked cute!

Boomer Sooner Babies

Monday, we had a play date with Hollee and her trio at the Dallas Arboretum. The flowers were gorgeous, but the kids didn't quite get it. But it was nice to be out none the less.

It looks like I'm squeezing Charlie to death, but don't worry I'm not, he is just having some gas issues

Tuesday, me and the kiddos hit the zoo. We were the only ones in the entire place for about half an hour. We got an up close and personal show from the giant gorillas. Again, Carter and Ella were terrified and screaming, Charlie seemed to like it, and Huddy was laughing his head off. I also took the kids on their first "Choo-Choo Chain" ride. They loved it!

I actually had to step back and zoom out, to get this picture. We were way close!

Charlie and his sweet smile!

Yesterday, the kids had school and Charlie and I stayed home and worked. We emptied out our storage unit in an effort to save some money, and all of it was sitting under our carport. So I spent the entire day yesterday, re-organizing boxes and loading everything in the garage. I'm proud to say I got it all done! Last night after dinner, the big kids played outside on the swings and Charlie jumped in his jumperoo.

The big man jumping outside

Today, the kids and I went to buy their shoes for their Easter outfits. The trip was quick and painless, as I already had picked out which shoes we needed and confirmed that they were indeed in stock in the stores. Tonight the kids have their big "Art Show" at school. They have a silent auction for different projects, and you can also purchase your kids' artwork. It should be fun!

Come back tomorrow for Charlie's big four month post!


Following Him said...

It's about time (just kidding)! The kiddos are getting so big...time sure does fly!

Annie said...

Amazing week. You did a lot of things. I'm anxious to see pictures of the projects around the house.

The kids look so big. Great pictures.

A mom and one princess said...

Hi! Im Lindsey from Alabama, I found your blog through other blogs and I just have to say you have your hands FULL! But you seem to handle it quite well! Your doing a great job!

Susan said...

Wow....busy busy.....the pics are cute. I like the pic with them all on the coach. Happy weekend.