Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy (Belated) Mother's Day!

Hope all you Moms out there had a great Mother's Day yesterday. I started mine off by sleeping in until 7:19am. That's right folks, 7:19am. If you would have told five years ago that 7:19am would be sleeping in, I would have called you a crazy fool! But kids don't care if your tired, and time four, that's alot a noise in the morning! So we went to church yesterday and then out to McAlister's for lunch. After a super short nap, the kids, Jake and I worked in the yard and cleaned up the garage. After dinner, we played blocks with the kids and then it was time for bed. Hooray, my favorite part of the day. Jake did surprise me with a necklace with the kids name's on it. I LOVE IT!!! I'm not a big jewelry/accessory person, but I needed a "casual" necklace. I had no idea I was getting one. We're not big gift people and I am rarely surprised, but he did really good this time! He even made a handmade card with a sweet poem in it. Thanks babe!

So here are some pics of me and the kids before church yesterday.

Mother's Day 2009

And because he is just too darn cute, here's some pics of me and Charlie from yesterday after nap time.


Annie said...

Happy belated Mother's Day.

Great pictures. I posted some comparison pictures on Wednesday. I like to remember.

Have a great week.

jay_say said...

Happy belated mother's day to you too... I completely understanding about not posting. I only three kids and can't find the time... I don't know how you manage with four.

Susan said...

Happy day after mom's day :) Your pics as usual are sweet. Your poor one little guy was not happy in this year's pic. Charlie is one happy contented looking baby. Glad your hubby surprised you. Your one busy mom.

Maggie said...

Charlie is absolutely adorable!! I LOVE his smile! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Barbara Manatee said...

Is that Hudson that was so upset in this year's pic? Poor guy!

And Charlie! Wow! What a handsome guy with a wonderful smile!!! Adam is all smiles, too! I just adore it! Isn't it great to get to take that in a bit more this time around?

Awesome that you got such a great necklace. Any chance you can post a pic of it? I'd love something fun like that!

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!