Monday, May 4, 2009

Where to Begin?

OK, so I have totally had the best of intentions to post everyday, but there just aren't enough hours in the day I tell you. I used to be able to sit in the kitchen and do a post while the kids were playing in the playroom, but as of two weeks ago we did away with the playroom. That's right, I got a wild hair and decided that it is time that the kids be normal two year olds. I was also ready to have house be a house again, instead of looking like a daycare as soon as your walk in the door. So no more giant fenced in room, it's an actual dining/living room. All four kiddo's cribs are in one room, and Charlie's old room now stores the toys and changing table. So far, it has gone quite well. Of course they are crazy wild running all over the place but the only thing to succomb to the whirlwindish tornado that is three two year olds, other than my sanity, is one DVD. Poor Peter Pan. But other than that, everything has remained intact and rather organized, much to my surprise.

My new deal is trying to let them be normal two year olds, not two year old triplets. This means playing in the house and not a fenced in room, walking at the zoo and not strapped in a stroller (with monkey back packs of course) and our "Chick-Fil-A Fridays". I've decided that the normalcy is just as much for me as it is the kids. I want to be a normal mom that does normal things with her two year olds!

So needless to say, I stay rather busy with the little munchkins having free rein of the house and by the end of the day, I'm beat, exhausted, done! So I have decided to do one big post with all our latest happenings instead of doing one each day, b/c trust me, it will never happen! So sit down relax, it's gonna be a long one boys!

About a month ago, Jake the kids and I met my parents up in Norman for OU's "Red/White Spring Game". It's just a scrimmage, but it's the only game the kids get to go to, and with the love for all things OU, I knew they would enjoy it this year. Last year they were still pretty young and they had fun, but they didn't quite get it. This year though, they had a blast. The weather was great and the kids loved it! They loved all the OU's everywhere, the band, the football players, the music, even the "Rufnek's" and their guns. Here's some pics from our big day.

"What? Me? I didn't do anything wrong!" - Guilty Huddy

"I so have this guy whipped" - Ella, self proclaimed "Pincess" and her Daddy

"Carter run very fast" - Carter man who now talks in the third person

"Don't I look adorable with my Big Poppa and my mom's OU retro Nike kicks she wore when she was a baby" - Charlie man

"Why do you think all these people are jumping up and down behind the crazy lady with the camera? I guess if we just do what they tell us, they'll stop acting like fools." - The Whole Gang

The next weekend, Jake and his brothers took his Dad to Alabama for a little golf weekend. While the boys were away, the kids and I stayed with Jake's mom, Granna. The kids had a blast! They helped with the horses, played with the dogs and their all time favorite, drove the gator. We also went to a rodeo with Granna, Aunt Brynn and cousin Julia. The kids loved all the "horsey neighs" and "Yee-haw cowboy hats"! Here's some pics of our time at the farm.

Granna and the gang in the gator

Cousin Julia and Ella, two little peas in a pod I tell you

Momma and Ear infection boy Huddy

Last weekend my parents came down to see the kiddos. They decided they wanted to see them enjoy the zoo, so Saturday, we loaded up and headed to see the "big monkeys" and the "youd yion" (loud lion). The kids did great, they walked almost the entire time and were totally exhausted by the time we got home. We also went and go the kids their summer shoes and they love them. They are the same style they wore last year, but they were awesome, and I decided why fix something that isn't broken, right? Here's some pics of the kids and us at the zoo.

Jake and me waiting for the train

Me and the big man, isn't he too cute!

Yia-Yia, Pops and the big kids
In between all that, we have been having our weekly play dates with Hollee, Marlee, Lilly and Beau. Hudson, Ella and Carter just adore them and everytime we get in the car, they ask if we are going to see "Lilly, Beau?" They love Hollee and Marlee too, but they just don't ever say their names. We go to the zoo, the park and the botanical gardens. Here's some pics of our fun playdates.

The six kiddos at the Botanical Gardens - Ella, Hudson Carter, Marlee, Beau, Lilly
Carter man pulling Huddy, Beau, and Ella in the Ford's Choo Choo Wagon
Easter brunch at Mrs. Myra's (Hollee's mom) house.
Our lunch table at the zoo
The whole crew - Lilly, Beau, Marlee, Hudson, Carter, Charlie and Ella
I promise, I will do better at this blogging thing. I know I've said it before, but I'm really going to try. I know, I know, promises, promises.


Hannah said...

Wow!! i can't believe how busy you must stay...and the energy you put into all these outings!! but your kids are so adorable...especially the one of you and charlie. how precious!!

Susan said...

I have to second Hannah. I'm exhausted just reading through it. But YAH for you for enjoying your kiddies. They are happy and well behaved and we know why - mom is so hands on. It is awesome to read. And your friend with the triplets - what an amazing sight you two together make :) Grandparents must go home very tired and when you leave they must be tired ;) But again, all the fun your kids are having with both sets. Really a cool thing!! Have a great week.

Following Him said...

Seriously have to have energy for your trio plus one and I totally understand. Blog when you can, post picts, and remember these times because one day you will miss these days!

Annie said...

Great post. Definitely, you were so busy but I like it, because you share a lot at one post.

Continue having fun.

Have a great week.

thepopsneezed said...

Love the pics of the kids! I've been stalking you for quite some time...and just started my own blog. So...thought I'd de-lurk.
Have an awesome day. I admire your strength and positive attitude!

Anonymous said...

Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

- Johnson