Thursday, June 18, 2009

Destin or Bust!

That's right, Saturday at 4am, our little family of six is rolling out and starting a twelve hour drive to Destin, FL. We are driving straight through with a few stops, so it should be an interesting trip! I'm so excited. I've only been to the beach once, and that was on our honeymoon, and the kids have never been at all. I'm curious to see how they react to the sand and the ocean. All of Jake's brothers and their wives and kids, and Jake's parents are going too. So that's ten adults and eleven kids, six of whom are two and under. Should be fun!

The kids are doing great. We had their ENT checkup on Monday, and the doc said they could not look any more perfect. We go back in a year for a recheck to see if anyone needs theirs replaced. We haven't noticed a huge difference in Carter and Ella's speech which is fine. because they already talked really well. We have been able to see an awesome difference in Huddy's speech. He talks about a hundred times more than he used too. He still isn't as understandable as the other two, but he's getting there. They have also turned into bottomless pits. These dudes can eat, and I know it's only going to get worse! For breakfast yesterday, they each had three bowls of cereal, a banana and crackers. For lunch they had five Tyson dinosaur chicken nuggets, five carrots, three apple slice, some cheese, four slices of lunch meat and animal crackers for dessert. And to top it off, for dinner, they each had three helpings of Tuna Helper and Hominy. These active summer days are killers!

Here's some pics of the kiddos from our zoo trip this week!

"Why are we here AGAIN?" - Charlie

Checkin' out the Tigers

Lilly, Carter, Ella, Beau, Cohen, Marlee, Charlie, Hudson


Susan said...

OH MY on your 12 hour trip but ya know what, by reading your blog for awhile...I'm not surprised. You are so ready. They will be fine. Might get a little cranky towards the end but they will do it. You might have enough tricks up your sleeves but due to your numbers =) it my be behoove to have new little bags full of dollar store stuff. In hope that it will keep them busy with stuff they have seen AND you can throw it all away. Have a great time. The beach sounds wonderful right now.

Susan said...

duh, I can't type...I meant to say bags of stuff they have NOT seen....

Barbara Manatee said...

Good luck on your trip! We just survived a road trip to Chicago - about a 5 hour trip for us.