Friday, June 12, 2009

Silly Faces for Huddy

Well I am minus one child for the weekend. My mom and dad are keeping Huddy for the next few days. So Jake, Carter, Ella, Charlie and I left Tulsa yesterday and left the Hudster to spend a few quality days with Yia-Yia and Pops. So far, he has had a blast, playing in the water, the sandbox, taking rides in the wagon, taking care of the flowers, and probably his favorite part of all, the whole bath tub to himself! Carter and Ella cry for him every once in a while, Carter even asked to put Huddy's pajamas on last night. Too cute! My parents are going to keep each one of them individually through out the summer. I'm just as excited for my mom and dad as I am for the kids. Just like Jake and I don't what it's like to have one child to play with and spoil, my parents haven't really had the typical grandparent/grandchild relationship with our kids so I think it's great for everyone. We do miss Huddy and hope he is having a great time on his own.

I asked the kids if they wanted to take a picture and send it to Hudson and they decided to make silly faces for him. We love you Huddy and miss you tons!


Susan said...

How cute of the two missing Huddy. They are a pack of three. So neat. What a great idea for the grandparents and for the children. Individual time is awesome. It looks very hot by you already!! Update us on the kiddies ears - hopefully you are reaping the rewards of tubes.

jay_say said...

How are the kids doing since surgery? Any issues?

When my twins had the procedure done, we had to be extra quiet in the house since they could now hear things and after two weeks, they were actually talking (since again they could hear us).

Barbara Manatee said...

what a great idea!! Hope he had fun!