Thursday, June 4, 2009

Surgery Day Pics

Ok, so it only took me three and a half weeks but here are the pics from the day the kids got their tubes. I promise a few posts this week. We have been crazy busy with traveling, zoo trips, play dates and potty training! So hopefully these will hold you over until tomorrow, when I promise to post about Memorial Day Weekend!

Huddy showing Daddy his sticker for being brave

Miss Ell showin' off some mad coloring skills

Carter man displaying his musical abilities on the xylophone

The boys chilaxin on the ride to the car

Big E making sure the Hud-man really does need tubes

Hungry Charlie and Poppa (Jake's Dad)

Charlie and Granna (Jake's Mom)


Anonymous said...

Lindsay it's Dee, Crissy's Mom. I love your blog. The kids are getting so big and adorable! One question though, how did little Charlie turn out to look just like his Uncle Willie? Suspicious!! :)

Following Him said...

LOVE the update and the new "look!" So beautiful! :)

Annie said...

Thanks for the updated. The new look is beautiful.

Have a nice weekend.