Monday, July 27, 2009

Move over Dan and Dave

There's a new Dynamic Olympic Duo in town!

And taking the gold medal in the event of potty training! Hudson and Carter!!!

The boys are officially potty trained. And I gotta say, having one kid diapers, way cooler than having four kids in diapers! It's been almost three weeks, and the boys have well exceeded my expectations. A few Thursday's ago, I decided that it was time. We woke up, I told them no more diapers, and that was it. They did great. We've had a few accidents, which is to be expected, but we are out and about almost everyday, and have not had one in public, yet. Carter is still wearing diapers at night, but Hudson is in underwear. The constant running to the potty gets a bit annoying at times, but I'm glad to do it if it means NO MORE DIAPERS!!! And to those of you who asked my secrets, I wish there was one. I just took the diapers away and told them they were big kids now. No pull-ups. They also have their special underwear. Hudson has Mickey Mouse, and Carter has rockets ships. If they have an accident, they have to wear plain white ones, and trust me, to them, it's the end of the world. Yes, it sucks the first day, but if they are ready, it's not bad at all!

In the picture, the boys are wearing Jake's medals he got at a conference. The first thing they ask for in the mornings are their sunglasses, "necklaces" and fast shoes!


Lauren said...

LOL those are GREAT pics! I love the one where they are raising their arms with a "#1"!!!!! What little olympians!

Melanie said...

The pictures are ADORABLE!!! Yeah for no more diapers!!

Susan said...

Pics say a 1,000 words. Awesome. I love pic #2 as well. They are just playing it right up right!!! Good job on potty training. As always, you sound stress free.... I love the idea of white pants for accidents. Incentives are great. Where does Ella stand with all this?

Susan said...

I forget, Ella may have been alread potty trained.

Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah! Congrats! Jacob's been in 'plain white undies' for a while and was about ready to upgrade to Big Boy aka COOL choo choo underwear, but has suddenly regressed the last week or so...not sure what his deal is, but thankfully Sarah's still on track. At least he's not in diapers, but just having to do lots of laundry! LOL!

Annie said...

Congratulations. I'm going to start the potty training with the girls during this week.

Thanks for your "secrets"

Have a nice week.