Friday, July 10, 2009

Seacrest Beach '09

Well we are finally settled back into our routine around here. It took forever! But we had an absolute blast on our trip. I was honestly surprised. I didn't think we enjoy the beach as much as we did. We went everyday and had the best time. Ella and Carter LOVED the ocean! They went out to the sandbar everyday with us and rode the waves. Hudson on the other hand, hated the "big water" as he called it. He cried everyday when we told him we were going. He loved the sand and played all day everyday in it. We made him go out on the little inflatable boat once thinking that if he got out there, he might actually like it, not so much. He screamed bloody murder! We also had a shark encounter. Thursday morning, the whole crew was there and some were out on the sandbar about one hundred yards out, and some were up on the shore playing with the kids. Jake and Ella were out in the water, and Carter decided he wanted to go out. So he and I headed out. We had swam half way out when we saw everyone swimming/running our direction. So without realizing what was going on. Then we hear "Shark!, Shark!". So we start counting children and adults making sure everyone in our group was there, and sure enough there was a four foot shark cruising along twenty feet from the shore. Of course not ten seconds after it passed, everyone was back in the water. We didn't take the kids back in though, and we all stayed a little closer to the shore. Everybody else left Friday morning, so our little crew rented bikes and the little Tag-Along carts that went with it, and explored the area. It was HOT! But we had a great time and the kids seemed to enjoy the bikes. We had an AWESOME time and can not wait to go back next year!

Here are some of my favorite pics we took over the week. We took over four hundred, so it has been a little time consuming narrowing them down. I'll post about the trip there later, including video commentary! I know you can't wait.

In hindsight, this picture should have been a pretty good indicator on how Huddy was going to feel about the "big water".

"What in the..., you want ME to go in THERE!" - A very wary Huddy

Charlie Baby, relaxing on the beach

Huddy peering out into the "big water"

Two of my favorite boys

Carter man

Miss Ell playing in the sand

Charlie and me. This dude is a fish boy! He loved the ocean and the pool.

This was the last day and Jake told the boys to say "Bye to the ocean, see you next year." Huddy answered "Bye big water, no come back!"

Here are some more pics of our trip!


Anonymous said...

Great job babe, Pops will be so excited.
Yia Yia

Barbara Manatee said...

glad the trip went so well! Poor Huddy...
We've been in the pool at my In-laws several times in the past few weeks and my lil girl - who was at first afraid, is turning into a bit of a fish and now loves it. Our lil dude really enjoyed splashing and kicking too!

Hilary said...


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Lindsay! I see a couple of my grandson in there too. They're all so precious!

Susan said...

The pics are so cute. I love the fist one with little Huddy with that look on his face. Wow, your triplets are looking older. Ella looks so tall. And oh my one would ever know that you birthed four babies!!!! How you do it, I will never know but my guess is that running after the three is exercise enough ;) The vacation looked awesome minus the shark. I would not have done well with that =)

Following Him said...

Absolutly LOVED the slide show! Can't believe Charlie is so big all ready! IMPRESSED that he can hold his own bottle!