Monday, August 10, 2009

Saint Louis '09

About a month ago, my parents took Jake, myself, my brother Arin and his girlfriend Savannah to see the Cardinals play. NO KIDS!!! It was our first childless trip since the Triplets were born. We had been away a few nights, one night at a time. This time we were gone from Thursday night, until Sunday afternoon. We dropped the kids off at Jake's parent's house Thursday and got everyone settled in. We left to head to my parent's after they fell asleep. Jake's family kind of shuffled everyone around in order to help out. They played at the farm, played with horses, chickens, goats, pigs. They had a blast! Thanks Brad and Brynn, Willie and Crissy, and Granna and Poppa for taking care of the crew. We had a great time and never had to worry about the kids! So we left Friday morning for Saint Louis. The road trip was great. We got to our hotel checked in and it was time to get ready for the game. The weather was crazy. The highs were in the low seventies which is a good thirty five degrees cooler than we are used to this time of year. The game Friday night was great. Pujols hit two home runs, and the Cardinals won! Saturday we got up and headed to The Arch. We rode to the top in the tiniest little boxes you've ever seen. That sucker is REALLY HIGH! The people on the ground, literally looked like ants. After that, we went to see the new "Harry Potter". It's kind of a family tradition to always go see it together. After the movie, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the game. We headed down to Union Station before the game to walk around and eat some dinner. We rode the tram back to the Stadium to head to our seats. The Cardinals didn't win Saturday, but our seats were great and we had a blast! We headed back to OK Sunday and were excited to see the kiddos. We headed back to TX Monday morning. Ella stayed with my parent's for a few days by herself and had a great time. Here's some pics from our trip. I already took most of them off our computer, so these are just of Jake and me. Sorry Mom and Dad and Arin and Savannah!

Jake and I in front of The Arch before the game.

Everything was still set up from the All-Star game from a couple days before

Jake found a sign from his beloved Texas Rangers

Jake and I before the game Friday night, yes I froze to death!

Before the game Saturday. Yes Jake is wearing a jacket and I'm wearing long sleeves. It was COLD!!!

Rally caps on, too bad it didn't help!


Annie said...

So glad that you had a great trip. Great pictures.

HAve a nice week.

Barbara Manatee said...

sounds like a lot of fun!! Glad you got to go! We were debating a quick trip to Florida next month for a wedding and just taking the baby with us, but ended up deciding not to go...just too busy these days! Hoepfully we can get away soon...

Jeannie said...

no one would ever look at you and think you were a mom of 4!! :) glad you all got away important!