Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Charlie is 9 months old!

I can't believe the Big Timer is less than three months away from being ONE!!! First of all he is still AWESOME! He has developed a killer and sometimes difficult personality. We have decided he would have been a terrible triplet and a very difficult only child. He hates to be held. He goes ALL THE TIME! If one of the triplets has to go to the bathroom I get them in the bathroom ready to go, I put Charlie sit him in the kitchen and run as fast as I can to wipe/redress a kid and there he is with his head or hands in the toilet. I try to hold him, but he is ridiculously squirmy. Like wild, crazy squirmy, almost too hard to hold. Our pedi even said he has never seen a kid move so much in all his years of practice. He is a champ of an eater. He eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with us, and bottles in between the meals. He chases the big kids and gets so frustrated when he can't go as fast as them, even though he is pretty darn close! He has started to let go of things and take step. I would say he will be walking in the next month. He is still sleeping pretty good and loving his days alone when the kids are at school. Oh, and he needs a haircut way bad, but I'm trying to hold off a little longer.

Here is Charlie baby with his bear and the trips for comparison.
Charlie 8 months

Charlie 9 months - 20lb 29in

Hudson 9 months - 18lb 9oz 27in

Ella 9 months - 20lb 28in

Carter 9 months - 17lb 11oz 27 1/4in

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