Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look who's walkin' now!

The Big Timer is starting to cruise. And not by pushing his little car around. I mean real time walking. OK, so not alot, but he did take several steps last night by himself. Here's the video proof.

Isn't that awesome! And to answer some questions. Yes those are the kids in the background cheering him on. They like to watch through the little screen on the camera and say "Hi" to whoever they see, hence my goofy waving at the camera. And no those are not leg warmers Charlie is wearing. Those are cut up socks I put on his legs because his poor tiny little baby knees are bright red and beat up and raw. They just look painful. And the two little dogs in the back on the blanket covered "doggy seat", as the kids call it, are Kirby and Klunkers.


Anonymous said...

Good walking Charlie Baby
Yia Yia

Joy said...

I can't believe he is big enough to walk! Adorable! And, the kids talking in the background...love it!

Barbara Manatee said...

wow!!! 10 months and already walking!?! Whoa! How fun & terrifying! LOL!

I wonder if Adam will be up on 2 feet before the other two were...he has done everything else sooner than they did and has always had strong legs - pulling up to stand now at 8 months...we'll see!!

Congrats lil guy!