Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The neverending sickness

So when you have six people living in a three bedroom house, sickness spreads rapidly. It all started with Charlie on October 9th, and there has been someone sick everyday since. That's TWENTY-ONE days of sickness! It's the never-ending 24 hour bug that never ends. And we have also managed to take it to OK and infect many family members. Sorry! I'm so over the yuckiness! We have made five trips to the pediatrician and several trips to Target for medicine and crackers and ginger-ale over the past few weeks. There has been fevers, tummy issues, ear issues, and sleeping issues. Last Sunday, out of no where, the kids and Jake started throwing up, and someone was throwing up every hour for fourteen hours. Except me, how I didn't get it, I don't know. Thankfully, (knock on wood), we are on the mend. No one has had fever or projectile bodily fluids in about four days. Hooray! So here are a couple of pics of the kiddos. I'll have more posts coming up this week. The pumpkin patch, OU/TX festivities, trumpet playing, and much, much more!

Charlie baby after dinner. He is a crazy messy eater and this night in particular, his hair took the brunt of the messiness

The big kids getting ready to go outside and work in the yard with Dad. I over bundled them apparantly. Five minutes after being outside they were out of their jackets and asking if they could take their shirts off. They really love to be naked!


Hilary said...

That's no good ...get better everybody!!!!

Susan said...

Awh.....I can't imagine with so many little ones. It justs hops from one to another. Thankfully you didn't get it.....hopefully they were able to enjoy some of Halloween.

Barbara Manatee said...

oh no! We've been fighting germs here already too. an ear infection, a virus and fevers...one went to bed again tonight saying he didn't feel good, was hot, had a headache and ear ache...we'll see what tomorrow brings! ugh!

Hoping you get a stretch of health now!