Monday, December 21, 2009

Back by Popular Demand

I've had a special request (Aunt Leann) for a video of the kids dancing. So your wish is my command! Here's a quick clip I took of the kids while I was cooking dinner tonight.
A few of my favorite things about this video:
-Huddy at the beginning. He is by far my biggest music lover. I love driving in the car and looking in my rear view mirror and seeing him with his eyes closed just bobbin' his head. The brother just has the music in him!
-Carter yelling "It's Tricky". This old school Run DMC song is Carter's favorite!
-Big E, finding a way to boss the boys around even when we are trying to have fun and dance. "Stop running Cotter!"
-Some of our moves include, raising the roof, the sprinkler, Beyonce (All the Single Ladies), Frank the Tank (from the greatness that is "Old School") breakin' it down, and each of the kids own personal made up dances, along with much more!

And extra special thanks to blog buddy Feris for the new awesome blog header!! Isn't it too cute!


Following HIM said...

Oh my goodness...the trips have me in stiches! Their personalities shine in this video :) LOVE the new backgound too :)

Barbara Manatee said...

that is so cute!!! too funny!!

I have to admit, I waited a minute to watch the video so I could admire your new header and pics!! they look great!!

merry christmas!

Melissa said...

HILLARIOUS! They are growing up so fast. Ours kids would have a ball together as my two are dancing freaks! We pretty much have dance party every night. Hope yall have a wonderful Christmas!