Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wild Water Day

Yesterday, I busted out the ol' water hose and let the kids run free through the sprinkler. It was HOT here yesterday! After I picked the kids up from school, we played at the playground for about an hour and then headed home. Wednesdays are always rough because they get such a short nap at school. So I'm always looking for ways to keep them awake and occupied and yesterday seemed like the perfect day for some water fun. So we stripped down and headed outside! Here's a little video of our water time.

Don't worry, as soon as a turned the camera off, they played for almost an hour. We also washed our "Cozy Coupes" to get them looking shiny and new again.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I've decided that there are just not enough hours in the day. No matter how hard I work or how much I get done, there is still so much to do. I've been trying to figure out a new schedule for myself over the past few weeks, and I have yet to find one that works. I'm trying to get the little things, you know, showering, emptying dishwasher, making beds, eating breakfast, done before the kids wake up, because it seems if it doesn't get done before they are up, it doesn't get done. During nap time, I clean up all of the messes that were made from the time the kids wake up until nap time, but it seems by the time they go to bed at night, the house is a mess again. I have to have everything in its place before I go to sleep or else I can't sleep. Ridiculous I know, but still that's just the way I am. I've decided that everything in my life is like those tiny little snow balls, so cute, and they start out innocently enough. You know a cup left out here, some pajamas on the floor there, some miscellaneous junk strewn about, and then before you know it, that cute little tiny snow ball is rolling down the hill getting bigger and bigger until it is about to totally mow you over and take you down with it! The kids little tiffs and tantrums can also get out of control like this! So needless to say my blog has been a little neglected. But I'm going to try and do better, I promise!

So here are a few pics of my little monkeys from our outside playtime a couple weeks ago!
The Hudster
Miss Ell
Brotherly Love
The Big Timer
"Mya helped Charley Baby dood it" - Miss Ell
"Kiss Cheek?" - Carter Man
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, mmmmmm, eeeee, Beebee" - Mr. I need tubes so bad I can't hear a thing so this is how I talk Hudson

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I promise, I promise!

I will totally work on the blog tomorrow! The kids will be at school and I will most definitely get to it. We have been super busy with playdates, Easter, working in the yard and a trip to OK for the weekend. So come back tomorrow and I promise to have some stories and pics. But for now, here's a pic to hold you over!

The little monkeys before a trip to the zoo.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Friendly Visit to the Easter Bunny?

Or a huge torture experiment concocted by a crazy mother of two year old triplets? You be the judge.

So Tuesday morning, we headed up to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. Everything was going smoothly. We looked at pictures of the Bunny, we talked about it and everyone was really ready. That is until we actually saw the Bunny in person. That's when it all went downhill. Hudson was very excited, Ella was screaming, and Carter was trying to crawl up my leg. I got everyone out of the stroller and C and E crawled back in. It didn't take long or Hudson to realize that apparently he should be crying too. So I hand Charlie to the Bunny and the kids totally freak out. They start screaming "Lolly, Beeebeee, Oh Baby Charley" at the top of their lungs, like the Bunny was going to suddenly going to eat him and he should run as fast as he could! So with the help of a kind stranger, I got the big kids out of the stroller and kindly shuttled them, some people may say drug, them over to the scariest thing they have ever seen. After a few minutes of pleading and torture, I decided to be in the picture with them. Now had I known I was going to be in the picture, I would have, I don't know, maybe put on some make-up, done my hair, worn something other than a Favorite T. But, overall, I don't think they will be permanently scarred, and if they are I will delete this post, and totally deny that any of this ever happened!

We also went to the ENT Tuesday and all four kiddos are getting tubes in May. So hopefully this will be an end to our weekly ear infection trips to the Pedi!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pediatrician Visit #286

OK, so maybe we haven't been there that many times, but it sure feels like it. We made our weekly visit to the pedi this morning. Hudson has a double ear infection, along with his asthma acting up. So we are now on two different antibiotics, one allergy medicine for all three and breathing treatments. Fun, fun, fun. We are going to the ENT tomorrow and hopefully there will be an end to this ear craziness soon!

But now for some good news. They let me weigh Charlie while we there. He weighs, drum roll please, bddddddddddddddddddddd, 14 lbs 1 oz!!!! That's right he has gained a pound a half in NINE days!!! I was so excited I was jumping up and down and the kids were looking at me like I was crazy. I have been way stressed about how small he is. I mean the triplets were born eight weeks early and were half his size when they were born, I always expected them to be small and was pleasantly surprised when they caught up fairly quickly. So now I can mark one thing off my "List of things to stress about"! Hooray for me! Now if I can do something about the three hundred and fourteen other things on there.

Here's a pic of the kids this weekend. We took Daddy to the zoo on Saturday to show him everything we see when we go! Oh, and for those who asked, just jump around like a fool making ridiculous noises, your kids are sure to look at the lunatic holding the camera!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Charlie is 4 months old!

The big man is four months old. He weighed thirteen pounds at three months. He lost a little over a pound with his ear infections and all his formula switching. He's only gained 9 oz of the lost weight back, but the doctor said it will take him a little while to catch up. I was shocked to find out that he actually weighs less than Ella and Hudson did at four months, but he is almost three inches longer than they were too! Looks like he's going to be built more like me. At four months old, he can roll from his belly to his back and from his back to his belly. He want to sit up so bad and does great in his Bumbo and his boppy. Quite a change from the big boys who didn't sit up until they were almost 10 months old! He's still sleeping great at night. He's not a great napper, but we are usually on the go during his morning nap time and he just kind of has to catch a little cat nap where he can. He started eating some baby foods too and is doing great with them. His favorite right now is green beans and chicken. He's also tried squash, bananas and pears. He loves, loves, loves, his jumperoo and exersaucer. He is also loving his little activity gym and grabs all the toys he can find. Here's the big man's bear pics for this month, along with the big kids!

Charlie's 3 month pic

Charlie's 4 month pic - 12.9 pounds 25" long

Hudson's 4 month pic - 13.2 pounds 22" long

Ellas 4 month pic - 13.5 pounds 22 1/2" long

Carter's 4 month pic - 9.15 pounds 21 1/2" long

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week in Review

So I have been a total blog slacker lately. We have been super busy around here for the past couple weeks. Between our projects around the house, play dates, doctors appointments, and just life in general, we have had a jam packed month! So I'm here to catch you all up. So as Leo from "Little Einsteins" says, "Hold on tight, 'cuz here we go!"

Last week, Jake's mom was in town for a couple days to visit and hang out with the kids. Tuesday we took her to our mall play place for a little fun. After that we visited our favorite Chickyfries place "Chick-Fil-A". The kids were at school on Wednesday, so Granna hung out with Charlie while I went to the eye doctor and to Wal-Mart. We had a great time Granna!

Thursday, we had our big play date at the zoo with Hollee, Lilly, Marlee, and Beau. And I forgot to mention that Hollee's SIL came with us, that's why she had two strollers. Friday was Charlie's big four month doctor's appointment(more on that tomorrow). Then it was home to cheer on our Sooners.


Saturday, I took Ella out for a "Girl's day". I have never taken just one of the kids anywhere by themselves. We ran a few errands and then had some lunch. She was her normal talkative self in the car, but did not say one word in public. It was so weird to see her being so shy. She kept looking around for "Huddy, CarCar, Oh Baby Charley?". Saturday night, my mom got stuck at DFW airport, so I took the big kids to go pick her up. They were so good walking through the airport and loved watching the "PANES!!!". Sunday, we again cheered on our Sooners, to no avail, but we still looked cute!

Boomer Sooner Babies

Monday, we had a play date with Hollee and her trio at the Dallas Arboretum. The flowers were gorgeous, but the kids didn't quite get it. But it was nice to be out none the less.

It looks like I'm squeezing Charlie to death, but don't worry I'm not, he is just having some gas issues

Tuesday, me and the kiddos hit the zoo. We were the only ones in the entire place for about half an hour. We got an up close and personal show from the giant gorillas. Again, Carter and Ella were terrified and screaming, Charlie seemed to like it, and Huddy was laughing his head off. I also took the kids on their first "Choo-Choo Chain" ride. They loved it!

I actually had to step back and zoom out, to get this picture. We were way close!

Charlie and his sweet smile!

Yesterday, the kids had school and Charlie and I stayed home and worked. We emptied out our storage unit in an effort to save some money, and all of it was sitting under our carport. So I spent the entire day yesterday, re-organizing boxes and loading everything in the garage. I'm proud to say I got it all done! Last night after dinner, the big kids played outside on the swings and Charlie jumped in his jumperoo.

The big man jumping outside

Today, the kids and I went to buy their shoes for their Easter outfits. The trip was quick and painless, as I already had picked out which shoes we needed and confirmed that they were indeed in stock in the stores. Tonight the kids have their big "Art Show" at school. They have a silent auction for different projects, and you can also purchase your kids' artwork. It should be fun!

Come back tomorrow for Charlie's big four month post!