Thursday, December 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

This was first year we have purchased costumes and really got into Halloween. And let me tell you, the kids LOVED it. We went with a superhero theme, and the streets were a little bit safer with these four out that night. They were beyond adorable and we have gotten a ton of use out of their costumes. We had a Halloween party for my CCM group, Trunk or Treat at Church, Boo at the Zoo, Trick or Treating, and now all of the costumes are now in our dress up baskets and are worn daily. I had to do a slide show because there were way to many good ones to now post! But this is my new all time favorite!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Freedom Run

Every year, Jake's company participates in the "Freedom Run". It's a benefit run for Police Officers and Firefighters. It get bigger every year, and the kids and I always have a good time going to watch.

Our first Freedom Run - 2007

Alot has changed in three years!

There were some very kind firefighters who let the kids play inside their truck

Cheering on all the runners

Here come Daddy!

After the big race

Our New Favorite Park

This past summer, our city opened a brand new park. We drove by it everyday on the way to the pool to see if it was ready, and when it finally was, we decided t was well worth the wait. It is great! It has the soft, squishy ground, the zero entry ramps, and no one is EVER there. Not sure why, but we sure aren't complaining. We went almost everyday this summer and after school while the weather was nice. Here's some pics from our new favorite play spot.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Friday Night Football

Back in September, when the kids and I were up in OK, my parents and I took them to a football game at my old high school. They LOVE football and started yelling "Go Jenks Trojans" as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.

Hudson refused to be in the group picture, typical

The more cooperative three

Headed to the stadium with Pops

The big kids watching the band before the game

Ella and my mom

Charlie and my Poppa

Carter, Huddy, Ella

Best Buds!

Hudson and Charlie, where to begin with these two. Two peas in a pod, hot mess, disaster, the two that will be the death of me. Yeah that sounds like a good start. Let me start off by saying God knew what he was doing by giving three totally different kids when I had the triplets, because had I had two Hudson's (ahem, Charlie) I don't know that I would have survived. Correction, I would have survived but I would have been a total crazy person! These two love each other so much, and it is SCARY how much alike they are. Charlie got Hudson's personality, athleticism and ability to not listen to a word I say, with Carter's smarts and sneakiness. Deadly combination! But there are a few rare moments where these two sit down for more than two seconds, and luckily I was able to capture a few. They both LOVE to have their heads and back rubbed. So almost everyday, one of them will bring their pillow pet and Ella's play scissors over to the couch and try to talk someone into "cutting" their hair. On this particular day, they decided to take turns and help each other out.

Big E's Tantrums: Frame by frame

Anyone who has ever just "met" Ella always talks about how pleasant and great she is. How grown up she seems, and how rough she must have being the only girl. But for those of us who really know her, know there is a bit of a dramatic dark side to little miss. She also holds her own with the boys, trust me! Here is the proof. These pictures are from this summer in the car. We were on our way to the park, and she was obviously told something she didn't want to hear!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Goggle Goobs!

Since we spent so much time at the pool this summer, I found the kids some goggles. You would have thought they were the best thing in the entire world when I gave them to the kids. The boys walked around in them all morning long!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to School

Well back in September, all of us started back to school. The big kids are going three days a week, Charlie is going two days a week, and I am teaching two days a week. The kids absolutely LOVE school. This is the first year they are really interested in the actual learning as opposed to just enjoying art time and recess. Ella was writing her name within the first week and the boys are doing better. Their names are obviously harder, but we are working on it. I am teaching Charlie's class, but it is so fun to see him interact with all of his little friends. They each have their best friend and it is hilarious to hear them talk about who they played with, who they sat by, who was the line leader and who had to sit in the "Thinking Chair". So far, none of our crew has had to sit in the "Thinking Chair"!

I'm letting them help pick what goes in their lunch each day. They get to pick a fruit, a veggie, yogurt/applesauce, pretzels/crackers, and a special treat(animal cookies, teddy grahams, etc.) So I decided very quickly that I needed a system to remember who wanted what, because Heaven forbid I should make a mistake, the world will surely come to an end! So every night before school, we sit down and right down on "their color" sticky note, exactly what they want and then I stick it by their lunch bag so I know what goes where. I pack as much as can the night before so it goes a little more smoothly in the morning. I also found the cutest containers for their lunches so we don't have to use pre-packaged food or plastic bags, which at 13 lunches a week can get pricey! So here is what our counter looks like during the week.

Here we are on the first day of school

And of course they all picked the same backpacks and lunch bags, (we're working on individuality) so I found some ribbon to tie around their bags to tell us which bag belongs to which child!

The big kids and their cubbies (Charlie refused to stand by his)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ella's Tonsillectomy

So a few weeks ago Ella had to have her tonsils and adenoids out. She has never had strep but apparently her tonsils were so enlarged they were shocked that she was able to eat and breathe OK. She did snore HORRIBLY, so that's what sent us to our favorite ENT in the first place. I had my tonsils out when I was 17 and I remember how painful it was, so I knew it would be rough. It just turned out to be a little more dramatic and earth shattering to Big E than I had originally anticipated. It was a ROUGH two weeks, but, eventually she got to feeling better and I am happy to say we have a little girl who no longer snores and eats more than I ever thought a three year old girl could.

I am not one to get emotional when one of my kids get sick or scared, but this face absolutely crushed me. She was so scared and just kept asking me to take her home. I felt so bad for her and couldn't help the tears that welled up.

But we were able to find a few good distractions at the awesome Cook Children's! Wii is one of favorites!

I also pulled out the "special surprise", Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Just after surgery, we were still a little out of it, but talking and drinking well.

The boys colored some pictures for E while she was at the "hosapital"

Day two was rough, but a little "pedicare" and some oatmeal made things a little better

"Princess" was sick too and went everywhere E went. The shower, dinner, bed, etc.

I could do a whole nother post about this girl's obsession with "gLee". So needless to say, "gLee" book went everywhere too!