Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Pics - Pt. 2

I figured if I didn't want to be still talking about the kids' third birthday when their fourth birthday rolled around, I better get on this thing!

So the night before HEC's birthday, Jake and I put together their big gift.

A kitchen! And yes it is manly enough for the boys, it has a grill!

All night I kept thinking of how excited they would be. I had visions of them coming around the corner, shouting and running over to investigate. Jake had the video camera at the ready, I manned the still camera. I was prepared to capture every glee filled moment. But alas, I quickly realized I was filled with delusions of grandeur. They come around the corner, look at it, and walk right over to it and start playing with it like it has always been there. No shrieks of excitement, no hoots of joy, nothing. They played with it all morning before school, they still play with it everyday, they LOVE it, but is it to much to ask for a little excitement?! I joke of course! I know they are three and don't really get the whole birthday thing yet. But I vow to one day buy a present so awesome they totally fall apart when they see it!

Carter man grilling a burger

Big E giving her bear a bath. The ketchup is shampoo, obviously.

The whole crew makin' breakfast

One more birthday post to come!


Heza Hekele said...

Some boys love play kitchens as much as girls!

For my son's 5th birthday all he wanted was toy appliances. My father was horrified. My son was thrilled! I miss all the imaginary meals and coffee he made for me that year!

Now all he wants is musical instruments and video games. I don't see him growing up to be a mechanic, but he'll be the guy who can cook and hold his own on a guitar...I think both are worth their weight in gold!

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