Thursday, January 28, 2010

You think we would be fat

With four growing kids in the house we consume alot of food, although you wouldn't know it to look at them So as I was making my weekly grocery list, I got to really thinking about how much food these four little monsters take in. Here is a list of just the staples. These are the things I buy every week without fail. And keep in mind, this is not lunch and dinner, just snacks and breakfast stuff.

5 gallons of juice
1 gallon of lemonade

2 gallons of milk
3 boxes of cereal
24 cinnamon rolls
30 biscuits
20 pancakes
20 bananas
1 lb of butter

1 bag of grapes
1 can of olives
2 bags of "Nutter Butter"
1 box of "Mini Vanilla Wafers"
1 box of "Goldfish"
4 lbs of yogurt

Add on to that lunch and dinner and you would think I would have some "chubbies" walking around. But nope, they are skinny minny's! I can't even begin to fathom the amount of food that these four will be able to put away when they are all teenagers, plus they are pretty cool so I'm sure they'll have friends over eating our food too. YIKES!

I mean c'mon, wouldn't you want your kids to hang out with these dorkos?!


CJ said...

Hey! I am a blog lurker. Your kids are cute! That is alot of food! WOW!! I saw your blog from Our Journey.
So cute!

Anonymous said...

Do you use coupons or ad match? If so, where do you get your coupons from? What are your secrets for saving money with grocery shopping? Where do you shop?

Triplets and a Surprise said...

I don't clip coupons or ad match. I always shop at Wal-Mart. I make a list of exactly what we need and never stray from it. I don't buy any extra food, just what we need for what we are making. Very rarely is our grocery bill over $200.00, that includes diapers, laundry soap, shampoo, etc.

Susan said...

Yikes, $200 a week is a lot but you have quite a few mouths to feed. Have you tried bulk stores like Sam's Club or Costco? You may not have them there, not sure. However, I will say this, I am a coupon clipper and I think I do better at Walmart w/o coupons I would use say at Kroger's. And I have teens now, all boys, and their friends and your right, don't think about it yet =) LOL

Barbara Manatee said...

wowsa! I guess in 1 way we're 'sorta lucky' that our kids eat a few meals and snacks at daycare...(but we're obviously paying for that, too...).

I used to do a 'menu' for the week but have gotten out of that habit. thankfully our freezer and pantry is always stocked so we can grab and make just about anything...but it was alwasy nice to know what was for dinner instead of trying to think of what to make all day...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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