Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trying to Catch Our Breath

Did you ever have a month or two where you feel like big things seem to happen all at once, or stuff just keeps coming and coming and you just need a second to catch your breath. Well, that it is what it has been like that past month or so around here. Between sickness, travel, surgeries, birthday celebrations, kids, a new "job", and everyday craziness, we are stretched a little thin. We are due for a break and are ready for one! So let me catch you up on all that's been going on.

We'll start with the good. Thankfully, everyone is healthy and has been for several weeks now. We were also able to head up to OK to celebrate Granna's 60th birthday. And since she has now opened her gift, I can say that we are headed to Vegas in December! So pumped, I've never been. The kids are doing great and are loving school. They have been such troopers throughout everything that has been going on.

Now to the previously not so good, but now good. My Poppa was supposed to have a stint placed a couple weeks ago. Once they started the procedure, they found out the damage was a lot worse than they thought. He ended up needing open heart surgery. They scheduled a quadruple bypass for last Wednesday. So we drove up to Talala Friday for the big birthday celebration, drove home Sunday, unpacked Monday, went to school/work Tuesday, and drove back to Talala Tuesday evening. Over the next few days, the kids just bounced back and forth between grandparents' houses and whoever was available to watch them, but they did AWESOME! They were even able to go see Big Poppa at the hospital. They took him some pretty pictures they colored and some big balloons, which Ella thought would make Poppa "much happy". I let them each pick out on their own. (Carter-It's a Boy, Ella-It's a Girl, Huddy-Get Well Soon and Charlie-Happy Face covered in band aids) Yeah, we got a lot of weird looks in the cafeteria while we getting donuts for Poppa. The kids took Poppa on two walks and were very well behaved. We finally were able to head home Monday morning and had a great trip.

So, I'm hoping we are done with surprises and trips and can get back into the normal swing of things. I'm still trying to get used to working two days a week and keeping things up around the house. And as I always do, I will promise to try and do a better job at posting and documenting all the stuff we are doing around here!

Here are just a few pics of the kiddos when we were outside playing one day.

Big E taking care of "one of her boys"

Toughy McTougherson and her sidekick Toughy Totter

Charlie baby, don't let that sweet face deceive you, he is a devil in disguise!

Huddy showing "how he does Longhorns"

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