Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Easter! The Finale

After church Sunday morning, we headed over to the Ford's house for some good food and some egg hunting. Mrs. Myra is Hollee's mom. Hollee and I met when she was pregnant with her triplets and have been friends ever since. My kids LOVE Mrs. Myra. Whenever I tell them we are going to see Marlee, Lilly, and Beau, they say "Is Mrs. Myra gonna be there too?!" So they were very excited to go over to her house! The kids enjoyed playing in the backyard on the swing set and the bounce house, and after lunch it was time for the Easter egg hunt. There were eggs EVERYWHERE. So the kids loaded up there baskets and couldn't wait to dive into all the candy! There was also a surprise visit from three baby chicks which the kids just adored. So here are some pics from our fun afternoon.

*Warning: There are more pics of Charlie than the big kids, they were just way to busy hunting eggs to be bothered to stop and take some pictures with dear old Mom and Dad!*

Huddy scopin' out some more eggs

Miss Ell and the baby duckling

Carter man looking so grown up

Big E and Carter Man

Charlie baby got the hang of it in no time

And couldn't be stopped!

The Whole Fam!

Charlie baby and Momma

Daddy and Charlie baby

Charlie baby taking on the wall

And a blooper from the day that I just couldn't resist sharing! Nothing says Happy Easter like droppin' your britches and peein' all over Mr. Bill's tree. Hey, at least he turned around!

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Ashhog said...

The last pic is hilarious! I love your family picture too-you always get such good family pictures!