Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great Mother's Day around here! My parent's were in town for the weekend and we had a fun visit. The kids gave Yia-Yia her Mother's Day gift which was adorable, but I can't post a pic yet because Granna hasn't received her gift yet and it is the same thing, but trust me it's way cute. My parents left early Sunday morning to head back home and I got to sleep in a little, which was nice! Jake got me some beautiful flowers, and the kiddos made some special gifts for me. The big kids made me a bouquet of hand print flowers in a flower pot. Charlie made a little decoupage flower vase pretty much all by himself! Our oven went out a few weeks ago, so we also got a new oven and cook top. And because we go through alot of dishes around here, we got a new dishwasher too! We can now watch TV at night,while the dishwasher runs, without having to turn the volume up so loud that it could actually wake the kids! Hope all the Momma's out there had a great day!

My flowers from Jake and my "flowers" from the big kids

All my goodies, aren't they too cute?

The kiddos helping install the new oven and cook top

They were a ton of help

And didn't get in the way at all!

New oven and cook top!

New dishawasher!

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