Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun with Cousins!

Last month, Jake and his brothers were all down here for their annual golf trip, so we took advantage and headed up to Oklahoma to spend some fun time with the cousins. Ella was staying at my Mom and Dad's for the weekend, so it was just me and the boys. We stayed with Aunt Brynn, and cousins Sam, Olivia, and Julia for a couple of nights, and also stayed with Granna and Big Boss Dog one night. My kids absolutely ADORE their cousins, and I have to say, I think the feeling is mutual. We had a great time and stayed super busy. We went to Jules softball games, to the kiddie park, and swimming at Granna's and Aunt Missy's with cousins Jack, Ben, Reed and Brooks and Aunt Crissy. We were up until eleven almost every night but the boys and I had a blast and can't wait to hang out with our cousins soon!

There were way to many cute pictures to choose from so I had to do a slide show of all of them!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to Our Home!

If you were to drop by any random afternoon and enter our home, this is how you would be welcomed!

This is what Charlie does every day. After nap, he goes to the restroom, and grabs his potty. He sits, and sits, and sits, until he is "DONE!", which he exclaims very loudly. He LOVES to sit on the potty! We are not in any way trying to potty train him. I think he is probably ready, but I'm not, I mean didn't we just go this mess less than a year ago?! I need a break. All in good time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dancing for Dinner!

This is what the kids do every night while I am making dinner. Sometime they wear clothes, most of the time they don't. But no matter what they are wearing, there is always alot of silliness, and alot of dancing, usually ending up in a mini mosh pit with someone getting hurt and crying. Oh yeah, and you can thank their Daddy for their super sweet dance moves!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little Fishies!

A normal Texas summer is HOT!!! Welp, this year, not so much. It has been warm, but not hot. But still, every afternoon, that it is not raining or storming, we go to our city pool. The kids LOVE it, and it's a nice, safe place for the kids to play. I will say, I have never been nervous about taking them anywhere by myself before, but the pool stresses me out slightly. We always have a talk on the way to the pool about being safe and staying close. And after one particular incident where a certain little girl thought I left her, which of course I didn't, we talked about how the lifeguards in the red bathing suits with the white cross, are the ones who keep us safe, and they will always help us. We love our lifeguards, especially Charlie and me! I always stay very close to him, but there have been a couple of times where he has tipped forward in his life jacket. The first time, I was sitting down and the lifeguard got there before I did, the second time I was right there to pick him up. And don't think I'm a terrible parent, neither time, was he under for more than two or three seconds, I promise! And yes we are going to get him some puddle jumpers. So here are some fun pics of the kiddos enjoying the pool!

Huddy showin' off
Huddy under water (cool new camera, huh?!)
Classic Hudson face
Big E enjoying the slide
Miss Ell enjoying the "long tall bridge"
This is as close as Ell gets to going under the water
Carter after a big jump
Totter doing some sliding
Cheesy C
Charlie baby shooting the water gun
He's like a beached whale 90% of the time
At times, the Big Timer, looks little special in his swim gear
The crew!