Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to Our Home!

If you were to drop by any random afternoon and enter our home, this is how you would be welcomed!

This is what Charlie does every day. After nap, he goes to the restroom, and grabs his potty. He sits, and sits, and sits, until he is "DONE!", which he exclaims very loudly. He LOVES to sit on the potty! We are not in any way trying to potty train him. I think he is probably ready, but I'm not, I mean didn't we just go this mess less than a year ago?! I need a break. All in good time!


Barbara Manatee said...

wow! I'm impressed! Adam has no clue...and I'm ok with that for now! ha! Good luck if/when you travel that road again!

Tracy said...

Stumbled upon your blog... laughing cause your life looks a lot like ours. We had triplets Oct 2006 and another July 2008!! Hang in there!!!! Blessings, Tracy