Thursday, August 19, 2010

Converstions with Ella

A little background. Ella is girly. I'm talking, pedicures, jewelry, flowery, fluff, shopping, non-physical working, laundry folding, cooking, emotional, drama queen girly. Not sure where she gets this. I'm not girly, I'm no tomboy, but I JUST recently learned to accessorize and do my hair, thanks to my brother's girlfriend. And she has always been like this, since birth, it is CRAZY! Now all three boys, are workin' dudes. Hammers, drills, screwdrivers, weed-eaters, mowers, blowers, you name it, they know what it is, and they know how to use it.

So last Saturday morning, Jake and I were talking about what all we needed to do that day. There were a few errands and some outside work. So everyone is getting dressed and talking about who is going to do what, and the boys are pumped. Huddy's favorite phrase is "Let's get crankin'". So Ella is doddling, did I mention she is ridiculously slow, and Huddy tells her, "C'mon Ella, we gotta get crankin', there's lots of work to do outside!". Ella tells the boys in an indignant tone, "I'm NOT going to get crankin' outside, it's too hot, I'm going to run errands with Mom". So the boys head outside, and gather our stuff to leave the house. We are brushing our teeth, getting ready and Ella says, "Ugh, Mom, I don't know WHY those boys like to get crankin' outside. It is hot and you get all dirty. Let's let the boys do all the work outside, and we should go check and see if the pedicure place is open." I proceed to tell her, that we have work to get done that day and we will not be getting a pedicure, which causes a total and complete meltdown. Her toenail and fingernail polish is falling off, she needs a bow in her hair, she can't find her bracelet, and she IS. NOT. WORKING. OUT. SIDE! "OK", I tell her, "First, chill out!". Shockingly, the tears immediately the tears stop and normal conversation resumes. (Maybe she'll make us some money one day with those tears). We decide that maybe she can go get a pedicure next week, we will get here a clippy before we go out in public, we will find her bracelet, and I promise her she does not have to work outside. This seems to temporarily appease her, not that she didn't ask me thirty two time what time the pedicure place opens! She is a hot mess that one, but a cute one! Oh dear, I wonder what the teenage years will hold, I'm not sure how to handle all the drama and girlyness!

PS: Thanks to everyone for all your sweet comments on my last post. Glad to know we are all in this together!

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Barbara Manatee said...

isn't it funny how much 'nature' plays in this? I always am amazed at the boy/girl differences amongst my kiddos despite being raised so similarly!

How cute - what a diva! I bet her and my Sarah would get along well!