Monday, October 25, 2010

Ella's Tonsillectomy

So a few weeks ago Ella had to have her tonsils and adenoids out. She has never had strep but apparently her tonsils were so enlarged they were shocked that she was able to eat and breathe OK. She did snore HORRIBLY, so that's what sent us to our favorite ENT in the first place. I had my tonsils out when I was 17 and I remember how painful it was, so I knew it would be rough. It just turned out to be a little more dramatic and earth shattering to Big E than I had originally anticipated. It was a ROUGH two weeks, but, eventually she got to feeling better and I am happy to say we have a little girl who no longer snores and eats more than I ever thought a three year old girl could.

I am not one to get emotional when one of my kids get sick or scared, but this face absolutely crushed me. She was so scared and just kept asking me to take her home. I felt so bad for her and couldn't help the tears that welled up.

But we were able to find a few good distractions at the awesome Cook Children's! Wii is one of favorites!

I also pulled out the "special surprise", Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Just after surgery, we were still a little out of it, but talking and drinking well.

The boys colored some pictures for E while she was at the "hosapital"

Day two was rough, but a little "pedicare" and some oatmeal made things a little better

"Princess" was sick too and went everywhere E went. The shower, dinner, bed, etc.

I could do a whole nother post about this girl's obsession with "gLee". So needless to say, "gLee" book went everywhere too!


Alecia said...

Oohhhh...her little face...:-( I'm pretty sure I would've teared up too if I had to see that sweet face so sad...I LOVE what a girly girl she is! Sooo cute!

mamgof4 said...

Oh, That little face is so sad but so precious... Hope she is doing better...

Hilary said...

Oh man !!..what a sad face :( Glad it fixed her up too in the end..I had mine out when I was 18 and I felt like the world was coming to an end too so man I'm glad you did it early for Miss Ella and she feels tons better!! The pictures are sad but funny all at the same time..poor girlie!

Anonymous said...

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