Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 Birthdays

So the trips turned four and Charlie turned two this year! At this point, it is easier to celebrate them all together. Charlie's birthday is always right at Thanksgiving day, so we celebrate all four up in OK when we are with our families, and then we celebrate here with cake and presents on the triplet's birthday. We are going to start doing half birthdays for the kids, because with Charlie's on Nov. 26th, the triplet's on December 8th and four or five family Christmas celebration before December 25th, there is whole lot goin' on around here! As they opened gifts at each different celebration this year, I stole some toys that the kids opened and they are safely hiding above the refrigerator to open up when they are tired of all their new stuff. So, on to the birthday celebrations!

First up was my parent's house. We sang to each kiddo and they each got to blow out their cupcake with everyone watching. They were really excited and got it for the first time.

Hudson is turning 4!

Shockingly (said in a sarcastic tone) Hudson was impatient and blew his candle out before we finished singing to him.

Ella is turning 4!

Of course, she was in heaven with everyone singing just to her

Carter is turning 4!

Carter was getting sooooooooooo close to the candle, like ridiculously close. So the entire video of us singing to him someone is screaming "Carter, get back!"

Charlie is turning 2!

He's kind of in a "ONLY my daddy can hold me/change my diaper/do anything for me" phase.

Then it was time for presents! My parents got the kids those big driving cars. They live in a new neighborhood with brand new sidewalks and the kids can just drive forever. They love them!

Then it was time to celebrate at our house on the big kid's actual birthday! They helped me make their birthday cake, we had their most favorite dinner, and then opened presents.

Doing a little baking

All the loot! They each got a "Nerf Gun" and a baseball glove. Hudson got a football, Carter got a soccer ball, Ella got a speaker for her iPod, and Charlie got baseballs. Then they got a basketball goal, t-ball set, and giant bowling pins to share.

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Barbara Manatee said...

I know how you feel about the present overload. Jacob & Sarah's bday is Nov. 25th, then Adam's was yesterday (Jan 13). Last year we avoided the onslaught of toys and asked everyone to just give them Toys R Us gift cards and we put them all together so we could buy a big swing set for the backyard. It was perfect!

Good idea to celebrate 1/2 birthdays and also to hide a few for another day :-)

Hope they all had a great birthday and holiday!